Holiday Season Travel Tips 20

The holiday season starts soon.  Woo Hoo!

But then again that means your stress levels are starting to rise that bit more – if the kids aren’t already home from school they will be shortly.

So keep your cool and take the time to get your travel itinerary and necessities organised before you head off on that family holiday.

But how are you going to achieve that?

At this point in time I am going to assume you have already completed your research and planning into your holiday destination, found some great things to do and carefully chosen the right family accommodation for your kids.

So let’s just jump into the travel tips to get your family holiday running smoothly.

holiday season travel tips

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My Holiday Season Travel Tips

Road Trip Travel Tips

If you are heading on a road trip take the time to make sure your car is serviced and has a full tank of fuel.  Then pop a bag of goodies (filled with snacks and activities) next to the kids for the duration of the journey.

For more tips on road safety check out this article HERE

Or more road trip tips click HERE

holiday season travel tips

Travel Tips for Flying with Kids

If you are flying with kids take the time to ensure they are prepared for the flight.  Advise them of the behaviour that is expected of them and pack in their hand luggage their favourite snacks, activities and snuggle friend.

If you find you always want more assistance from the airline check out these tips HERE to help the airline help you.

There is not much worse than flying long haul even without kids, 20 plus hours on a plane is just yuck – so these tips for long haul flights HERE may just help.

It’s also even worse travelling with a cold.  Check out these tips HERE to help alleviate the symptoms for travel with a cold.

holiday season travel tips

Accommodation Travel Tips

I am sure you have already booked your accommodation.  So here are so helpful hints on how to save money at a resort (they also work if your camping) click HERE.

And surely at some point you will have finally relaxed and would like a little bit more mummy and daddy time, but how are you going to achieve that with kids around 24/7.  Well hopefully these tips for how to have intimacy when you travel with kids will help – LEARN MORE HERE.

holiday season travel tips

Packing Travel Tips and Lists

So what are you going to take with you on your family trip this holiday season?

Don’t worry you won’t forget a thing with my extensive packing lists.  There are lists for clothes (for everyone), medical, toiletries, swimming, and handy things to have.  Plus I have the essential items for your kids HERE.

For all my packing lists for family travel click HERE.

Wondering if you should roll or fold – check out my packing debate HERE.

Holiday season travel tip[s

More Travel Tips

During these last few weeks before you travel you may want to also ensure you have ticked off all the last-minute items that need to be done like getting a hold put on the mail or newspaper.  The full final check list is HERE.

Lastly but certainly not least – have a very Happy Christmas and holiday and don’t forget it’s mum’s holiday too.

What are your holiday season travel tips?

Tell me in the comments.

holiday season travel tips

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20 thoughts on “Holiday Season Travel Tips

  • Elizabeth

    Its always a good reminder that traveling with kids takes some extra preparation to make things go well. We are about to head off on a winter adventure so this was a good list to be prepared. Thanks for sharing. #mondayescapes

  • Denyse

    This is incredibly helpful. I remember as mum, I was always exhausted by the time we left on our family holidays thanks to organising everyone, then me. However, as a planner and not one to want anything left behind, I did quite enjoy it. We only ever did road trips and back then (1970s & 80s) nothing other than a tape mix and pillows for the kids in case they could sleep. Merry Christmas and thanks for being part of the last IBOT in 2015. Denyse #teamIBOT

  • annette charlton

    I totally agree that planning is the key to successful travel with or without kids. My kids have been travelling to America, Europe, UK and Asia regularly since they were babies. My eldest was flying overseas at 6 months, my second at 6 weeks of age and the youngest was 8 months on his first long-haul flight. Your advice is excellent and I agree that being organised will make for a better holiday (or business trip) for everyone. Great tips! Annette

  • Lauren

    Wow you are full of information! I bet my parent’s would have loved to have access to something like this back when I was younger traveling with them. For them it was a lot of trial and error (which I’m sure you’re used to!) They were actually always pretty prepared though from experiences themselves. Always lots of snacks and activities ready to keep me busy 😀

  • Ruth

    I need to pay attention to your tips since I am traveling soon and have not made that many plans. The good thing is that I am staying with family so I do not have to plan for accommodation. I thought work was going to slow down and I would have time to plan (but things have been different). #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      The lead up to the festive period is getting hectic for all Ruth, which means we have little time to do the things we would normally have on our to do list. Therefore it is easy to forget the little things for travel that may normally be common practise. Always good to have a list to check off on hand.

  • eileen g

    From the time our daughter was very small we always explained the logistics of road trips and flights — in language she could understand. i.e.: we’ll be driving for as long as it takes to watch 10 Mickey Mouse Clubhouses. It really makes a big difference if you tell kids what to expect and also what it is expected from them — you’ll have to put your backpack through a machine that looks inside, you’ll have to sit for a long time and we can’t disturb the other passengers, but we’ll have toys and snacks and you can sleep, etc. Kids like rules and telling them what the rules are really makes a big difference.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Great ideas on how to put things into their perspective Eileen.
      My son now 8 likes me to still tell him the “holiday story”. So for several weeks before we travel I tell the story of us waking, getting to the airport, all the procedures at the airport, the flight, going through customs, collecting our bags to checkin at the hotel. I think these days partly he wants the story for the excitement of the holiday and partly for comfort of understanding what is about to happen.

  • Kreete

    What a great collection of ideas for travelling with kids. Some tips are great for travellers without kids as well! Or to someone who is a kid at heart. I know I always need to pack snacks and entertainment for myself. Ha! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Thanks for joining in #TheWeeklyPostcard Kreete. Often we parents are so focused on the kids we forget ourselves. But as you point out what you do for the kids you need to remember to apply to yourself as well.