Walking the Swan River with Kids

When Steve and I first met we use to regularly walk the Mt Henry and Canning bridges.  7 years later and now with a preschooler we have become slack and 10-15 kg heavier.  With that thought we decided it was time to do something!

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This day trip began slowly over the course of a few weeks.  The first time we took off for the 6.6km walk we parked just past the playground (so that Lewis didn’t see it).  Then put Lewis in the pram with a bag pull of snacks and water for all.  It took us an hour and a half to complete the walk finishing with a half hour in the playground.  Watching Lewis play Steve and I realised we were hungry as it was past lunch.

So the next time we did the walk we packed a light picnic of rolls, cold meat and cheese in an esky which was left in the car whilst we did the walk.  Lewis had wanted to bring his bike for the walk however knowing that he wouldn’t last the distance we compromised on the scooter which could be loaded onto the pram as well.  Some smart passer-by asked “do you have the kitchen sink?”  Well whilst it looks and sometimes feels that way if you are not prepared with snacks, drinks and activities as parents you just don’t get to enjoy yourselves.

To keep Lewis amused for the hour and a half we talk about the different boats on the water; houseboats, leisure craft, fishing boats and rowing boats.  We look at the mansions that line the river and discuss which ones we do and don’t like.  We explain what the fishermen are doing on the bridges and we show him all the different bird life that live on or near the water.

Finally we make it back to the playground, we collect our picnic and enjoy our feast whilst Lewis plays making new friends for the afternoon.  It is quite relaxing although at this time of the year can be quite cool when the breeze blows across the water.  We just have to make sure we bring sufficient jackets.

Deep Water Point Playground

The playground by Deep Water Point

All to soon the temperature really starts to drop and we pack up and head back home for a hot cup of coffee.  Next walk we are taking the Thermos as well.

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