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Even when you haven’t made huge plans for a day trip, you can still turn a spur of the moment decision into a great day.

It was a typical Sunday morning in summer.  We had a few errands to run that morning along with stopping at Steve’s office to put out the rubbish bins.  We have to do this every week – I cannot tell you how tedious this is having to drive 20 mins away to put out a bin.  At the last minute I decided to throw our bathers bag into the car as it was going to be a hot day.

On the way I suggested we try out Port Beach in Fremantle (a beach we had never been before), there is also a cafe with a playground nearby.  After running the errands we arrived at the beach.  One of the great thing about Perth beaches apart from the pristine white sand is the free parking.  At Port Beach there was also a large toilet and change-room block for us to use before heading down to the white sandy beach.

We found a vacant spot of sand, threw our towels down, put on some sunscreen and headed to the clear water.  On such a hot day in Perth the water was refreshing.  Once we had cooled down Steve and Lewis popped themselves down on the waters edge and began digging.

Port Beach Fremantle - Perth

Playing in the sand

At times it is hard for Lewis being an only child and not having siblings to play with, however the great thing about kids is they make friends so easily.  If you are doing something that interests another they just join in and become mates.

This Sunday, a young boy on his own joined Lewis in his fort making.  They had a ball for the next hour digging, collecting water , and watching it all get washed away again.  I watched on and at times gave Steve a break allowing him a chance for more swims.  Steve just loves the beach and body surfing the waves.

Eventually hunger set in, we rinsed ourselves off at the outdoor showers and changed.  Upon arriving at the cafe we discovered that since I last been there many years before it had become quite upmarket with the price going up as well.  As we only wanted a quick bite we headed back outside to the Beachside Kiosk were we had some delicious paninis.

By early afternoon we were all feeling happy and tired.  On the drive home Lewis fell asleep allowing Steve and I to have a couple of hours down time before he woke and required more entertainment.

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