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As is my theme this winter with finding rainy day activities I am on the look out for anything new that I think will entertain our family.

Over the recent long weekend a Lego Exhibition was promoted (stay with me here – I’ll get to the model railway exhibition).  Lego is my son Lewis’s favourite toy at the moment so I knew this would be a hit.

Obviously so did a lot of other parents in Perth.

Lego Exhibition Queue

Fortunately the queue moved quickly and as we made our way through the entrance we discovered that the Lego Exhibition was actually part of the Model Railway Exhibition.

I asked the attendee if it had been this busy over the entire weekend he replied “just Sunday and today” (Monday – WA Day).  Note to self go to exhibitions on a Saturday.

A Model Railway Exhibition is not something our little family would have normally attended, however as is often the case, if you try something new, you discover that it was actually quite good.

Entering the pavilion we were greeted with a 40 sets of trestle tables displaying working model trains.

We walked over to the largest table in the room over 15m long of large gauge railway tracks that was housing 4 long trains motoring around.  It was grown men who were playing with these trains ensuring they were running in tip-top condition; dashing to recover a train if it crashed or fill it with oil to ensure its continued smooth journey round.

model railway exhibition

You could see these men were so passionate about their railway lines, they even had built scenery scenes for their trains to run through whether it was the Australian outback, London City, or just the general country side.

It so reminded me of my Uncle who had his garage filled with railway tracks, as a child I was allowed a quick visit to watch but could never touch.

Lewis really enjoyed checking out all the different trains and if you and your child had become just as enthused as these men were, there were trains and tracks to purchase and you could find out how to set up the scenery to decorate your railway.

Whilst Lewis found the trains interesting once he discovered the remote control truck exhibition he was in awe!  We could not drag him away as he watched more grown men play with trucks going up and over ramps, bridges and reversing into the toy road house.

remote control truck display

Fortunately just near here was the lunch bar to grab a coffee whilst we waited.

But don’t think this exhibition was just for big and small boys they catered to the toddler as well with a Thomas the Tank Engine display and a ride on train.

Thomas the Tank Engine Display

But of course what you could hear from all the kids was “Where is the Lego?”

At the end of the Robinson and Silver Jubilee Pavilions in the Claremont Showground was the Lego Display.

WOW! the things that were built with Lego.

Do you like the sound of the Lego Exhibition?

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