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Have you ever wanted to find a takeaway restaurant when you’re travelling?

Even when you are travelling with kids and staying in self-contained accommodation (like we did in Sydney) with a kitchen, who wants to cook every night when you’re on holidays?

Then there are the nights when the thought of trying to eat out with kids is too much, all you want to do is stay in your room and have someone deliver a meal to you.

Well now there is a way to find a local restaurant that will deliver to you.  It’s called Menulog.  Last week they kindly offered me a voucher to try out this service.

My experience finding a takeaway with Menulog

So I logged into Menulog HERE

find a takeaway

I typed in my suburb and up popped a selection of restaurants.  I could even narrow the selection down by choosing which cuisine I preferred. I chose Indian and up came the King of Taste India a restaurant down the road I had been meaning to try.

Once I selected a restaurant I could easily navigate their menu.

find a takeaway restaurant with menulog

This is brilliant when you don’t know a restaurant and their menu.  It is so difficult trying to order (over the phone) from a menu you don’t know.

As I ordered my dishes I even got to choose whether I wanted mild, medium or hot.

find a takeaway restaurant with menulog

If you change your mind it is just a matter of clicking the X and the item is removed from your order.

Once I had finished I clicked “place your order” and filled in the payment details.

A text was sent to me within a matter of minutes confirming my order and delivery time.  I also received an email advising me of my order details including what I had ordered and a contact phone number for any problems.

find a takeaway restaurant with Menolog

Our food arrived exactly on time.

find a takeaway restaurant

I thoroughly enjoyed the food and not having to cook.

Just to let you know Menulog also have an App (available through iTunes and Google Play) you can download making it perfect for when you are away from home.

Do you think Menulog is a great option for finding a takeaway restaurant near you?

  • DISCLOSURE:  This article was sponsored by Menulog

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