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Are your kids like mine?  The mere mention of Lego and they run.

Lego the worlds third largest toy manufacturer has been building little plastic interlocking blocks for almost 60 years.  It’s ability to let your child’s creative imagination run free and where nothing is wrong is just marvellous.

I mean Lego is just awesome!  You’ve seen the movie – right.



When I mentioned a Lego Exhibition recently, my son was in the car sooo super fast for this day trip.

We arrived at the Robinson and Silver Jubilee Pavilions in the Claremont Showgrounds to discover the Lego Exhibition was actually part of the Model Railway Exhibition.

Lewis enjoyed the model trains, however what he and every other child could be heard saying was, “where is the Lego?”

The Lego Exhibition – what we came for

We make our way to the far end of the pavilion, I see a flash of Lego reaching towards the roof.  We have found the Lego – Yay 😀

As we walk through the crowd and towards the 80m long oval table we can see Lego creations of every description.

A train is chugging from one Lego town site across a black suspension bridge joining the void in the tables to another Lego town.

A Suspension bridge at the Lego exhibition

We squeeze our way further along the table to a replica of the Great Wall of China with the Forbidden City and terracotta warriors.  I’m sorry to say my photography does not give it justice.

Great Wall of China at Lego exhibition

Adults and children alike are vying to find a spot along the iron barriers to glimpse each of these amazing structures.

I can see some are built as per the instructions on the box, while other scenes are created from the imagination of grown men and women.

Like this beach scene

beach scene at Lego exhibition

Or this one hanging out in Hollywood

Hollywood Lego exhibition

Some built baseball parks and discos complete with music blaring and lights flashing.

And to top it all off – because we are in Perth – a scene of the Wellington Street Train Station.

Perth Lego Exhibtition

As we kept making our way around the table Lewis became more involved looking at the small details of items that had been included.  A shark here, a dragon there, “Mum look a dragon’s in the sea,” Lewis laughs.  Whilst it may not have actually gone with the theme of that scene it was about the discovery and fun of being creative and unique.

Lewis couldn’t wait to get home and start building some new and exciting things.

Are your kids Lego enthusiasts?

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4 thoughts on “A Lego Exhibition – things to do with kids

  • Lisa Wood

    Yep all of my kids have loved lego over the years….what a great exhibition – Lego is still our younger two boys favorite thing to do but we left our lego behind with a family in Sarnia QLD and now we have to start our collection all over again 🙂

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Yes Lisa Lego can take up a bit of space when you have a good collection. I bought a small Case of creator Lego for when we travel. It came with compartments to divide up the pieces and the solid case keeps it all safely stored in our suitcase.