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I discovered a great way to get Lewis use to eating out at a restaurant.

It all began when we on holiday in Singapore.  Whilst I enjoyed the majority of the holiday, eating out became a nightmare!  I began to cringe when it was time for a meal.  He would not sit still!  It didn’t matter if he was given colouring or had a toy he was just up and down constantly.  Always ruining our meal and those around us.

Not only was I frustrated but also embarrassed – I looked like a terrible mother.  As the year progressed I took him for coffee with my girlfriends, but it was just as bad.  I was beside myself as I just had to stop socialising with some friends for a period of time.

Finally the year drew to a close and I began Christmas shopping.  To bribe Lewis (ok maybe I am a terrible mother) to behave I offered him a ride, then he started asking to go for a coffee.  Why not I thought, this could become my opportunity to train him.

Tips for getting kids eating out

Take the kids for a coffee

So with that thought a new tradition began.  Whenever Lewis and I go to the shops for anything other than groceries I allow him a ride and we have a coffee.  I have scouted the coffee shops and discovered the ones that offer a free babyccino with a cappuccino.  Seriously who wants to pay $2 for a splash milk and a marshmallow on the side?

The upside of this new tradition is that Lewis has now learnt how to behave in restaurants.  Whilst we have a coffee we chat about what we going to buy, we talk about the letters and numbers on the menu, we create shapes with the sugar sachets or napkins and we discuss how to behave when seated at a restaurant.

It has resulted in such an amazing change in his behaviour that we are now venturing out for dinner in our hometown with him.

How did you get your kids use to eating out?

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