8 Tips to Reduce High Mobile Costs whilst Abroad 2

Sadly many people return to an excruciating mobile phone bill after travelling abroad.  On top of that phone companies are no longer accepting the excuse of “I didn’t know”.  You will now be expected to pay that bill that could mount up into the $1000’s.

So if you want to pack your phone, don’t forget the charger and read on.

How to reduce mobile/cell costs when travelling

Reduce mobile costs when travelling

To prevent large phone bills follow these 8 tips:

  1.  Remove your SIM card or turn everything off.
    This includes automatic roaming and automatic downloads

2. Buy a cheap local phone or SIM card

  1.  Take a travel sim card.
    Just replace your normal SIM with a prepaid travel SIM card.

  2.  Turn off your voice mail
    You pay every time someone leaves a message even if you don’t retrieve the message.

  3.  Turn off you Internet and your automatic updates.
    You will still be able to access free WiFi.

  4.  Free Wifi does not equal free phone calls.
    Use Skype to make phone calls

  5.  Check with your provider before you leave.
    Find out exactly what the charges are if you decide to take your phone.

  6.  Do you really need to take your phone?
    Unless you are working or need to be in contact with work do you really need to keep up with all the gossip. After all you are on holiday. Take a break from your world.

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