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Things to do on the Gold Coast with Kids

This is a Guest Post written by Mae Demdam. Most parents may think of a vacation with kids less as a vacation, and more as an opportunity for your kids to experience something exciting. That’s pretty noble, but parents deserve to have a great vacation, too. If you plan on visiting the Gold Coast make […]

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travel activities

Nifty Travel Activities for Kids 6

This post is sponsored by Artline Stix When I’m packing for kids for our family travels I am always short on space.  So I am always on the look out for travel activities that have more than one function. So which products have I found to be the best. 3 Top Travel Activities for Kids […]

Holiday Season Travel Tips 20

The holiday season starts soon.  Woo Hoo! But then again that means your stress levels are starting to rise that bit more – if the kids aren’t already home from school they will be shortly. So keep your cool and take the time to get your travel itinerary and necessities organised before you head off […]

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gift ideas for the outdoors

More Gift Ideas to Enjoy the Outdoors this Holiday Season 24

This post is sponsored by Anaconda. Summer is here!  So it is a great time to start enjoying the outdoors. We are blessed living in this beautiful country of Australia being able to participate in fun activities like: camping, hiking, cycling, fishing, and all types of sports – water or land based. So what do […]

5 Spots to visit for Christmas Holidays in Australia 2

This is a guest post by David Milsont Christmas is all about fun and frolic and it is the best time of the time to reunite with your family and friends and people who matter and play a pivotal role in your life. Christmas means being happy and having a mind that is free from […]

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Christmas Present Ideas for Travellers 21

Just about everyone knows one  – the travel enthusiast. You know the person.  At the mere mention of flights, hotels, or far away destinations they become excited, animated and well just won’t stop talking about travel even when your eyes glaze over. I know exactly the type of person they are – because I’m one […]

How to Travel with Young Kids

Do you ever look at those families that travel with young kids and think,  How do they do that?  I find it so hard just getting out the door with my little ones. Well, travelling with a baby, toddler or child is not as scary as you may think. It is just all about preparation […]

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Bali bike tour

Discover the Real Bali with a Green Bike Cycle Tour 36

One of the problems with taking a family holiday to Bali these days is that it’s very hard to see the real Bali. Walking down the street in any of the major towns: Kuta, Seminyak, Benoa or Sanur it is non-stop souvenir shops, day spas, mini marts and restaurants aimed at the tourist.  The only […]

Don’t Stop the Learning

Just because you are travelling with kids doesn’t mean their education stops. I’m not necessarily talking about educating your kids when you take them out of school to travel long-term, I’m also talking about taking a family holiday. As many of us parents know travelling during school holidays is very expensive, it can often be […]

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Virgin Australia review

An Airline Review: Virgin Australia to Bali 31

I’m not a fan of discount carriers! There I’ve admitted it – which is why it has taken me so long before I have been willing to fly with Virgin Australia. Virgin entered the Australian market in 2000 under the brand of Virgin Blue -it was a discount carrier. However as of May 2011 Virgin […]