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The fireworks have flashed in the sky, the ball has dropped, it is now 2015.

Top travel with kids posts for 2014

As the clocks ticks over to the next year it is a great time to reflect and look back at what went well and what – well –  bombed.

How did my little site about tips and advice for travel with kids go?

I started 2014 with a new look, I think it is working well.  In 2013 I had 7493 page views and for 2014 – 12300 page views so I’ve almost doubled my page views with this new look. 🙂

Top 10 posts/pages for 2014

According to Google Analytics

  1. Phuket with Kids
  2. Kota Kinabalu with Kids
  3. Family Packing Lists
  4. Packing for your Child
  5. Bali with a toddler
  6. Airline Child Meal
  7. Family Holiday to Busselton
  8. Toiletries to Pack for the Family
  9. Essentials for Family Travel – what you need to know
  10. Packing for Swimming

More travel with kids articles from 2014

From this tally I gather people really want handy packing lists which is why toward the end of the year I created a final checklist for family travel and my packing essentials for kids.

I also noted that people love to read about different families travelling; whether they are living vicariously through them, or doing as I do, a thorough research and planing for our travel with kids.  It will be interesting to see next year if our recent family holiday to Penang with Kids will be up there with the ratings (I am still half way through writing up all the articles).

As I’m starting to write more articles from our travels I have added 2 new categories within the Our Family Travels category this year:

I find it quite thought-provoking to note that even after completing a travel writing course with the Australian Writers Centre earlier this year my posts on our 2014 day trips did not rank in the top 30.  Maybe people did not find our adventures at:

all that interesting, or perhaps after a full 12 months they may rank higher.

Meanwhile I hope that my tips and advice for travel with kids will help and inspire your family to take a much-loved holiday, but before you travel don’t forget it’s your holiday too.


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