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Travelling with your own child that has a different surname than yourself is something that I had not considered until I read a post on a travel forum.  It’s quite odd that I had not considered this as:

  1. My experience working at the airport and
  2. The fact my own son has a different surname than I do.

How could I have been so ignorant?

So now that I have been somewhat enlightened I set off to find exactly what I should be doing.

This information was not easy to find.  Having found no information on the Australian passport and customs websites, I tried the Smart Traveller website – success!

Proof child can travel

Proof of your child’s identity

Their advice is to take copies of:

  • documentation or letter from the absent parent authorising you to take your child
  • separation, divorce or custody decree papers
  • court order granting guardianship of the child
  • birth certificates.

Whilst not all of these items pertain to my situation as I travel with my son’s father I am now more aware that I should be taking more documents just in case some smart customs officer asks “where are the documents from the mother authorising travel?”

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