To babymoon or not?

Should you babymoon or not?

If so what should you consider?

Travel agents and tourism operators have been promoting babymoon holidays over the past few years.

However one of the few things people don’t think about is the clause in their travel insurance not covering pre-existing conditions and this includes pregnancy.

Baby-moon, should I travel when pregnant?

Should I babymoon?

This has now come to light as a young family have bills mounting in USA as a result of giving birth prematurely. (See the article on the Million dollar baby.)

This begs the questions is the babymoon holiday worth it in the long term, or should we be reconsidering where we take this final holiday as a couple.  If we stayed holiday in our country then we are still covered by our private health insurance and government health system.

Should the travel and tourism operators re think their babymoon destinations?

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