Unusual Ideas for Budget-Conscious Families to Get a Great Travel Experience

This is a guest post by Alfred Stilton

We would all love to travel on a global scale or at the very least take a couple of months off from our jobs and pursue the most adventurous destinations around the world. However, many of us can’t afford to travel extensively, especially with the whole family. There’s still hope though, and believe it or not one can enjoy the best vacation even when you travel on a budget.

family travel budget tips

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5 Family Travel Budget Tips

Go local

How often do you get out with the family to explore your own city’s wonders? Hardly ever, am I right? Huge metropolises with millions of inhabitants are challenging to visit, and this might seem surprising but in New York there are many locals who have never admired the Statue of Liberty from up-close. Having a family comes with a lot of responsibilities. Your job, your household, your kids take up all your free time, and you barely have time to relax and admire the beauties of your own city.

family travel budget tips

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Make a change for once, and plan a local holiday with the kids. It won’t cost you a fortune and it will be a great opportunity to bond and relax. When travelling locally it’s really important to leave your house. Rent a cottage someplace in the mountains for a few days, or o hostel and allow yourself to feel like a stranger in your own city. Before departing, make sure to stop by your local travel office to get a city pass. It will allow you to explore a lot of attractions at a special price, and some might even be free.

Test regional travelling

Whenever we think of travelling, we immediately picture exploring exotic, faraway destinations around the world. That’s why people don’t look for adventure in their own regions. Those living in Boston for example, could easily get behind the wheel and visit Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont which are in close proximity. Sadly, not many do that. Regional tourism is underrated because we have unrealistic expectations, aiming to leave our town and country and escape into the outlying wilderness.

Don’t you think it’s time to make a budget-conscious decision? Why spend money that you don’t have when you can travel regionally with your loved ones, see places you’ve never seen before, and not overspend? There’s more to regional tourism than meets the eye; you just have to be willing to give it shot.

family travel budget tips

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Visit National Parks

Visiting national parks is an excellent opportunity for families to go out, spend quality time together and admire great places of interest on a budget. Camping for example, is fun and enjoyable for the kids. The activity doesn’t cost much, and most national parks in the US don’t charge more than $15/night. You do need to settle on a budget for food, gas, and camping supplies. Spending a couple of days in nature – hiking or trekking with the kids – might be exactly what you need to relax and enjoy a nice vacation without spending a lot of money.

Last-minutes deals

Going on a cruise with the whole family can be quite expensive. However, you have the highest chances of enjoying an affordable getaway on the Caribbean if you opt for a last-minute deal. There are lots of cruise lines that offer convenient last-minute deals. Check https://www.voucherlab.net/ for more information and you might get a 50% discount. Cruise operators have a goal, and most of them don’t want to leave with a half empty ship. To draw in more customers, these last-minute deals usually feature extra perks like free upgrades, on-board amenities, cash vouchers, and more.

family travel budget tips

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Destination and timing

Last but not least, as a budget traveller you should also think outside the box. Rather than go with the crowd, choose to be different. Choose Guatemala instead of Mexico, and head to Budapest rather than Paris. Greece – which by the way is really cheap and comfortable – and it can be a better option than Italy. Another great idea is to avoid peak season; travel the world in spring or autumn and you’ll be saving a lot of money on accommodation and dining.

Budget-conscious families should prioritise if they want to benefit from an amazing vacation at a convenient price. Plan ahead and settle on a budget; make reservations for accommodation with two months in advance and you might even come home with money in your pocket.

family travel budget tips

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