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When planning your family holiday there are so many decisions to be made:

  • Where to go?
  • When to travel?
  • How to get there?
  • Which type of family accommodation to choose?

How do you know which one to choose for your holiday?

So let’s break it down to help you make a decision by looking at what types of family holiday accommodation are there to choose from?

family holiday accommodation

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6 Types of Travel Accommodation for Family Holidays

Camping and Caravanning

This is probably the most cost affective way to travel with kids.  Take your own accommodation, arrive at a caravan/holiday park and pitching a tent or park your caravan.  I grew up caravanning with my folks.  One of things I really loved about this type of holiday is that there were often lots of other kids to play with and my parents took the time to choose a holiday park that had extra features like a swimming pool and playgrounds.  These days you get even more with jumping pillows, heated swimming pools and splash zones.

family holiday accommodation

Camp Ground Cabins

If you are not camper but love the idea of the caravan park there are often lots of choices for cabins and chalets.  We have stayed in a few different ones when we have travelled to Western Australia’s South West You can go with a simple cabin that includes bunk beds, double bed and kitchenette to luxurious chalets with 2-3 bedrooms, en-suites, full kitchen and large living spaces.  Just pack some food and clothing and you’re all set.

Check out what we thought of:

family holiday accommodation


However if you are looking for something more sturdy a simple motel room maybe all you suffice.  With a basic hotel style room and en-suite.  There won’t be many extras or luxuries but it should be dry and clean.

family holiday accmmodation

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Short Term Rentals

But for me, if you are travelling with kids and planning to stay in one small room for any length of time then you are asking for trouble.  I am sure that is why hiring villas and short term holiday rentals is becoming so popular, especially for those families who plan to stay in one location for a lengthier time than just a week or two.

You get separate bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, living room spaces and sometimes space outdoors for the kids to run off their energy.  Plus you get to live with locals, allowing you to fully experience your travel destination.

family holiday accommodation

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Serviced Apartments

The only thing with short-term rentals and even camp ground cabins, whilst they should be more economical than a serviced apartment or resort it’s not serviced – meaning I have to clean and I’m on holiday too!

When I’m on holiday I like the idea that someone is doing the work and cleaning.  Like when we have stayed at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites, all the space of a large apartment but the beds are made, there are fresh towels every day and the apartment stays clean.

family holiday accommodation

Hotels and Resorts

Of course the place I am guaranteed not to do any work including cook is staying at a hotel or resort.  Yes, you could be back in one room, though these days many resorts aiming for the family market are introducing family suites/rooms.  We stayed in one at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang and another at the Grand Mirage Resort Bali – we loved having that extra bit of privacy and/or space.  Resorts also offer you loads of extras like swimming pools, kids clubs, games room, restaurants, some even have water slides and splash parks.  But of course it’s all at a price.

family holiday accommodation

Ultimately choosing your preferred family holiday accommodation will come down to:

  • price
  • location
  • personal needs or wants.

So which one is it for you?

  • camping and caravanning
  • camp ground cabin
  • motel
  • short-term rental
  • serviced apartment
  • hotel/resort?

Please tell me about it in the comments.

family holiday accommodation

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8 thoughts on “6 Types of Family Holiday Accommodation

  • Lyn aka The Travelling Lindfields

    David and I dragged our poor children all around the world with us from the time they were babies until they hit their early twenties. We stayed in just about every type of accommodation there was. By far the best was always serviced apartments – enough like home to be comfortable but minus all the housework.

  • Kreete

    I am definitely a camping type a girl! I love an adventure and have been travelling with a 4WD and a rooftop tent for over half a year. Loved it and can’t wait to get back on the road! Ah and well, who doesn’t like staying in a hotel? If I feel like treating myself, I will go and splash out on hotels too! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      A hotel is definitely luxury Kreete, something I’m indulging more now that I am getting a little older. I also prefer a caravan to a tent I don’t think I’m keen sleeping on the ground.

  • Anda

    I like the idea of serviced apartments, especially when you travel with children. My husband and I usually rent a one-bedroom apartment wherever we go and I always end up by working almost as much as I do at home. If we want everyday room cleaning we have to pay extra, which doesn’t happen when you just rent a hotel room.

  • Daniel M. Jones

    Hi Sally-Ann,
    I loved your post. The main concern about planning a vacation is to decide about the place to stay at. You have enlisted all the possible options under one post which makes it super easy to pick one.
    I think I would prefer to rent a serviced or a luxury apartment for our coming up family vacation. My children are going to love the luxurious apartment and the fact that we won’t have to clean it