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This year (2016) it was voted the #2 water park in the world and in Asia the #1.  So during this years family vacation to Bali we just had to visit it – Waterbom Bali.

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You can purchase tickets for Waterbom Bali right at the door.  However from our Bali Family Holiday last year we learned that it was cheaper to purchase some theme park tickets from our resort the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites.  So we did this again, saving us 10% off the door price.

The next day we hire a driver for 115K IDR who takes us to the heart of Kuta and drops us at the door of Waterbom Bali.


Waterbom Extra Facilities

Cashless Payment

As we collect our tickets we are also advised of the cashless payment system.  So that you don’t have to walk about the water park with cash on you or worry that you have left your wallet out whilst on a ride, the park provides a wristband that has a microchip for a debit account.

We choose to start with putting 500k IDR credit on our account.  Whenever we purchase a drink, food or any extras our payment wristband is scanned and the account is debited.  When we run out of funds we are able to top it up at a booth inside the park near the lockers.  Any funds left on the account at the end of the day are refunded to us in cash.


After having our bags checked on entry we make our way to the locker area.  It is 10:30am and there are no more family lockers available only the smaller lockers.  At minimal cost (25K IDR) plus deposit we hire a small locker.  We are given another wristband that locks and opens the locker, so that we are free to access our items whenever we want.


As we only have a small locker we choose not to hire any towels at this point in time, plus we haven’t found a spot to base ourselves as the gazebos are all booked out and upon looking around the deck chairs are all taken.  Whilst the cost to hire a towel is cheap 10K IDR, if we “lost” it the deposit is not.

We decide we will get a towel later when we need one.

The Rides

There are 13 rides at Waterbom Bali.  Just to let you know you will have to stay constantly active to try all them out in one visit.  We only managed to experience 6 of the water rides.

The Lazy River

Walking out into the water park we are enveloped into a canopy of lush green foliage with pale brown concrete trails winding this way and that.  Luckily there are signs to point you back in the right direction when you get lost.  We walk across wooden bridges and watch people float by below along the tranquil Lazy River.

This is where we decide to start our adventure with a nice, calm relaxing ride through the park.

Waterbom Bali: lazy river

The three of us pile onto a double ringed yellow tube and head off along the river.  It is slow, gentle, with occasional sprays of water.  But you have to keep your wits about you as some of those bridges passing overhead are low.  We reach a junction in the river and a staff member is taking photos, after our photo is taken we are given another wristband.  From this point on whenever a photo is taken of us the band is scanned.

Waterbom Bali: on lazy river

After two circuits of the Lazy River we are ready to take on the big guns or so we think.


We walk through the park past the flow rider and climb, and climb, and climb some stairs.  At the top it says we have burnt over 2000 calories.

We thought the Python would be fun as it is a ride we can all do together.

Waterbom Bali: Python

The three of us get into the raft sitting exactly how the staff (and signs) say we should be.  My partner Steve is on one side and our son Lewis and I are seated either side of his outstretched legs.  We take glasses and hats off before slipping into the Pythons mouth.  At the first turn we are flung up the yellow and pink walls of water slide’s tube.  My stomach lurches.  I don’t like this, I say.  Steve reassure’s me it will be alright – but I’m not sure he’s enjoying it either, especially once we plunge into darkness.  Back and forth, up and down.  We are constantly flung about for several minutes.  On the final turn Lewis’s head and mine collide – ouch – my temple throbs.  With relief we are spat out, our raft is quickly caught and guided to the side by staff.  There is no time to sit and compose yourself, you have to get out straight away before the next raft arrives.

Waterbom Bali: exiting the Python

I have to say, I am really not feeling good at all.  My head is pounding and my stomach squirming.  Meanwhile Lewis is exclaiming wasn’t that fun, can we do it again?


I need to sit down, fortunately we have arrived at the kiddy water park Funtastic.  So whilst I sit down on a wooden bench under a shady brolly, Lewis is off.

He waves at me as the water squirts and splashes him from the giant tipping bucket and spray jets.  He tries out each of small water slides, but after the Python he wants something more than kiddy slides.

Waterbom Bali: Funtastic


We take a walk about the park trying to find something a bit gentler.  We stumble across the Superbowl.  People who have just come off the ride advise it’s not as bad as the Python, so Steve and Lewis take a double ringed tube and queue for the ride.  I take the opportunity to sit back and watch for the next 20 minutes.

The Superbowl ride is a short tube ride where (according to Steve) halfway through you are flung into an open “bowl” Steve did comment that they got a little stuck here as they lost some of their momentum.  But overall a fun ride.


During my wait I also watch those coming off the Boomerang.  A green tube ride that spits you out up a steep blue wall and then returns you to earth with great speed.  So much so that I even saw one person flung off their tube – you need to hold on tight.

I tell Steve and Lewis about it once they return from the Superbowl, we decide that perhaps it’s time for lunch.


After lunch I am ready to try the water slides again.  We opt for the Constrictor which was right next to the Python.  We carry our inner tubes up the stairs past the entrance for the Python – one level higher.

Waterbom Bali: Constrictor

I have to say after the experience on the Python I am nervous. I can feel the butterflies dancing in my stomach.  I watch Steve and Lewis take off in the double ringed tube.  Now it is my turn on a single tube.  There is no chance of backing out.  I am sent down the open aired green slide.  Here comes the first bend.  Oh, that was OK.  Now the next.  A smile begins to grow.  This is my kind of water slide.  Plenty of twists and turns with the right speed to get the heart pumping with joyful happiness.  I meet Steve and Lewis at the bottom and we all opt to go again.

Waterbom Bali: Constrictor

This is my favourite ride and I only wish we had discovered it earlier in the day.


There are five eateries/restaurants scattered within Waterbom Bali.  You cannot bring any food or drinks (including water) into the water park.  So I expect you will visit at least one or two.

Bali Banana Cafe

We only ate at one of the water parks eateries – the Bali Banana Cafe.  The cafe is situated overlooking the children’s water play area Funtastic and you can even hook up to free WiFi whilst at the restaurant.

Waterbom Bali: Funtastic from Cafe Banana

We have a tasty lunch of freshly baked pulled pizzas and homemade beef pie.  The bonus is we can relax for a little longer whilst watching Lewis go back in the water to play.

waterbom Bali: beef pie from cafe banana

More Attractions

Pleasure Pool

During our walks about the water park we pass the Pleasure Pool which is just a large swimming pool.  Since we have one of those at our resort we didn’t spend anytime here.

Mini Water Slides

There are a couple more mini slides nearby the Pleasure Pool but they are purely for the kids.  Basically anything small is for the kids – too bad if as an adult you can’t handle the really big slides.  There’s nothing available in between.


Towards the end of our day we have a little credit left on our wristband, so we buy a bucket of water balloons for 30K IDR to have a water blasting fight.

Digi Photo

The very last thing we do before leaving is stop by the Digi Photo stall.  You can buy just one photo or the whole collection to download.  This is what we chose to do as there were a couple of really nice family photos amongst the action shots I’ve Just included in this post.

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What You Need to Know about Waterbom Bali

If you like the sound of Waterbom Bali for your next Bali family holiday this what you need to know:

Exchange Rate

10K IDR = 0.76USD (approx)

10K IDR = 0.99AUD (approx)


The website is comprehensive providing you with costs and details about all the rides, services and extras available.

Opening Hours

Waterbom is open 9am – 6pm everyday of the year except Nyepi Day (a Hindu religious day of silence).

Digi Photos

Make the most of the staff taking digital photos.  You will be given a wristband and all your photos are added to the one account.  At the end of your day visit the Digi Photo booth.  You do not have to purchase any of the photos, but make the most of the opportunity during your day as you may change your mind when you see some of the fun shots.

Flotation Devices

All inner tunes and rafts are provided free of charge.  There are also provide life vest if you can’t swim.


As I mentioned earlier there are lockers to keep your valuables safe.  Also one of the reasons I don’t have loads of photos is because my camera and phone were safely tucked away in our locker.

On many of the rides you cannot wear glasses or a hat.  Before you climb the stairs to the rides there is an attendant who will keep any expensive or sight glasses in a cabinet and provide your with yet another band for you to retrieve those things once you have completed the ride.

If you have young kids you will find that they may not be able to go on some of the Waterbom Bali rides due to safety height restrictions.

Finally listen to the instructions of the operators; being advised to move along swiftly or hang onto tubes and rafts is to keep you safe.

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17 thoughts on “The Thrills and Spills at WaterBom Bali

  • Ruth

    I am not a fan of waterparks but there seems like there is a lot of things I can do in this park. I mean, number two in the world? It has to be awesome. Now, the name of the rides are a bit scary. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  • Anda

    The cashless system reminds me of the cruise ships where you also can charge anything without having to carry cash or credit cards around. It makes you spend more however, or at least that’s my experience. Waterbed Bali seems like the perfect place for families with children.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      I don’t know if it makes you spend more Anda, just you are not aware of how much you are spending. A bit like using a credit card for all your expenses versus spending cash, you don’t realise how much you’ve spent until you get the monthly statement.

  • eileen g

    These are very good tips. who would expect all the big lockers and cabanas to be gone quite so early! the one time we did a water park we did arrive before the park opened, which is probably a good strategy here. Looks like a fun park though. we mostly like the lazy river and wave pool when we go.

  • Kreete

    How awesome! I had no idea one of the best water parks is in Bali! I’ll be going there in March, so that will definitely be checked out! I do have to say though, I am a bit nervous about the Phyton ride after you two hit your heads! One other thing I don’t like is when you go down a slide and the water keeps splashing into your eyes, so you have to keep them closed! Was the water in the park saltwater or normal pool water? And they are a bit cheeky for not letting you bring any foor or drinks in. Thanks for sharing this! I’ll pin this for the future!

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      There are so many different things to do in Bali Kreete, you will have a ball. Waterbom Bali (I think) was cholirinated. However whilst on the rides I didn’t notice that water was getting splashed back into my eyes, perhaps just a little at the end. As for the Python if you go on the ride as just 2 (opposite) or 4 persons (in a cross formation) I don’t see how you would bump heads it is just how they have you sit as 3 persons. Yes it is a bit cheeky not allowing at least water and the same applies if you visit Bali Safari and Marine Park. Here’s a link to the post from our visit last year:

  • Priya Ghatol

    Woooh! I love water parks & I am crazy to get an experience of different water parks with my kids. Till now I had been to many water parks, and Wild Wild Wet water park, Singapore was my best experience ever. I had never been thought about Bali’s water parks. Thanks Sally for sharing.

  • Bumble Bee Mum

    How strange that I’ve never heard of this water park before. Never seen any of my friends from Singapore going there before. Your Bali trips are inspiring! I really should go there one day. Can’t believe I haven’t been. #MondayEscapes