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This Sunday morning we had pottered about the house, by 1130 we started questioning LUNCH?

“How about a BBQ at the local park,” Steve suggested.  Lewis jumped up and down shouting with excitement.

With a plan set, I headed to the local supermarket for sausages, chicken and fresh rolls.  I returned home and marinated the chicken.  Then I packed the picnic.

Within 40 minutes we were walking to the park.  Along with the picnic set we had jumpers, a picnic blanket (in case the table wasn’t free) and a soccer ball.

We arrived and had the local park to ourselves.  Never a guarantee as this little park is often used for parties and by the local Mum’s, especially on “Fizzy Fridays”.  It is a great little park in the back streets of our suburb; it’s fully enclosed so the kids can’t run away, with a table, BBQ and water fountain.  Plus the International Beer Shop is just across the road.

Family picnic in the park

Our local park

We turned the BBQ on straight away, then played a game of soccer and watched Lewis in the playground.  Steve cooked the BBQ while we shared a glass of wine.

By the time lunch was ready Lewis had tired himself out running around and sat quietly (for once) at the table while we ate.

Within an hour and a half we had eaten and Lewis was tired asking to go home and have quiet time.

Steve and Lewis slept for the next 2 hours.  Ah peace!

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