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My Dad has been saying to me for the past year toddler – you do know that my grandson Lewis is now in middle primary school – you are well past the toddler stage.  My bestie school mum says to me, Sally the thing is – I see toddlers and I don’t want to read stuff about toddlers anymore – I want big kid stuff.  They both know I write about places we visit and travel tips for more than just babies and toddlers but the whole name thing is putting them off.

I have spent a year thinking and planning where to go next.

new travel tips blog, heping you plan your travel dream

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The idea for Toddlers on Tour began when my son Lewis was a newborn.  Many of the mum’s in my mother’s group were heading overseas to show off their new bub to the family.  All of these mum’s had the same burning questions of how to cope when travelling with a baby?

During the five years that I worked at Qantas Airways, I had gained quite a number of tips and tricks on how to cope with babies and young children during flights.  This prompted me to start Toddlers on Tour.  Initially, my plan had been to just provide static pages for flying tips with kids, road trip with kids tips and packing lists.  Over time I learned about Search Engine Optimisation and that you needed a blog to really start to rank on Google.

I have now been “blogging” seriously for three years and my son is almost nine years old.  Whilst my plan for Toddlers on Tour has always been to provide travel tips for travel with a baby, toddler or child, many of my travel tips are also universal for backpackers, couples and solo travellers.  This is because prior to having children I travelled extensively as a backpacker to far off destinations as a single, as a couple, on tours and extended road trips.  My comprehensive experience in travel along with my formal education in hospitality and tourism has provided me with so much more to share.

So finally I have done it.  Launched a new travel tips blog.  It’s called Tips 4 Trips.

new travel tips blog helping you plan your dream holiday

I’m really excited to be able to help more people plan and prepare for their dream travel.  This is not a travel blog so much about my travel, though there will be reviews and travel destination advice – but it is about helping anyone including you plan your travel dream your way.

If you know anybody who is looking for travel tips and advice on planning, packing, getting to and from, and how to choose the right travel accommodation for them, then send them over to Tips 4 Trips.  So far you’ll find several articles published:

If you are or know of anyone who would love to read more of my Tips 4 Trips you can sign up for the Tickle My Travel Dream e-newsletter (and get free subscriber download benefits).

To make things simple I’ve kept most of the social media the same.  Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all used for both Toddlers on Tour and Tips 4 Trips.  However, Tips 4 Trips does have its own Facebook page – I’d love for you to pop over give it a “LIKE” 🙂

Don’t worry Toddlers on Tour isn’t going anywhere soon, though Tips 4 Trips will also have some family travel tips as well as tips for the backpacker, solo traveller, and couples travel.  I hope to see you over at my new travel blog soon.

Please let me know what you love (or don’t love) about the new travel tips blog and what you would love to read.

new travel trips blog helping your plan your dream holiday.

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