I’ve booked our family travel holiday – now what? 8

We have finally booked our family travel for the year!

Whilst I am excited about the prospect of a family holiday, I am now in a quandary; what to do next?

You see, I just love the planning and researching of the our family holiday.  Almost more than the actual trip itself.

I thoroughly enjoy reading about all the different destinations to which we could travel.  All the fun activities we might partake.  I look at places near and far.

And after much to-ing and fro-ing a decision on a destination is made.

This year the choices were narrowed down by saying, “we only wanted to take 1 flight to reach are destination.”   Then we knocked out the places we had been before.  There wasn’t much left after that.

We chose Phuket.

Next I have to find the right accommodation for us.  I take great pleasure in looking at each resorts website and discovering which ones offer the most suitable facilities for our little family.

We are quite particular.  We only want a King bed with a roll-away; none of this 2 doubles where we end up in separate beds.  On our last family holiday – to Kota Kinabalu my young man discovered the fun of kids clubs, so this has become a must.  (He is an only child so this helps to make new friends, and keeps him occupied for parts of the day.)  He also wants pools, water-slides and hopefully a water-park.  Not too much to ask for, right?

The recently renovated Outrigger Laguna Beach Resort looks good.

Of course what overrides the final decision is the price.

Now I want all these features at a good price, I do not want to pay a fortune!  So I have discovered if you keep your eye out you can get a good deal.


  • read the local State newspaper travel section,
  • get e-newsletters,
  • like travel agent and airline Facebook pages

then eventually something pops up.

The next trick is can we go when the deal is offered?  We are lucky in that my partner has his own business, however we are the last to get a choice in holidays (the staff get first choice) and we have to fit around such things as end of financial year.

So now a destination has been chosen, with the ideal resort, at the right price, and when we can travel.  The booking is made; now I have to wait for 3 months until I board the plane.

What shall I do?

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