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The weather is finally cooling down or warming up – depending on where you are.  With this milder weather it is time to make the most of it and get outdoors.

Thanks to Anaconda’s one stop shop for: outdoor, adventure and sporting, I found some great inspiration on how you can get your family out enjoying the outdoors; no matter whether you can take a holiday, short getaway or just have fun on the weekend in your home town.

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5 Ways to Get Outdoors

Take a Walk

Whether you are on holiday or it’s the weekend get outside and make the most of walking paths and trails near where you are living or staying.

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Ride a Bike

If you want to explore further a field why not hop on a bike.

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Or if the kids whine about the walk why not get them to ride whilst you walk.

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PS. Don’t forget to wear your helmet!

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Worried about the condition of your bike?  Anaconda have FREE workshops throughout March 2016.

Try Fishing

Want to try your hand at something new or introduce the kids to one of your or the grandparents favourite pastimes.  Why not head to your local water ways and try your hand at fishing.

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Never fished before?  That’s OK Anaconda have FREE workshops this March 2016.

Go for a Picnic

Wondering what to do with all that fish you caught?  How about making a meal of it and take it on a picnic.  Choose a location in your home town or on holiday that you would like to leisurely explore.

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Pitch a Tent

Want to explore a location more in-depth?  What about a short getaway – this coming Easter break would be perfect.  Easter is a great time to camp, the weather “should” be perfect (not too hot or too cold).

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Concerned about pitching a tent?  Yep, you guessed it Anaconda has FREE workshop for this as well this March 2016.

Don’t forget you’ll need all the extra paraphernalia for camping like: air mattress, sleeping bag, camp stove, picnic wear, table and chairs, plus lights.

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If you don’t have time, funds, or are unsure on how well the whole camping experience will be received, why not pitch a tent in the back yard.  The kids will love the adventure of sleeping in their own outdoors.

So how are you going to enjoy the outdoors?

Please tell me about it in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “How to Get Your Family Outdoors

  • Sarah

    We love taking all our four kids outdoors, probably our favorite is to take a road trip down the great ocean road and stop at all the tourist things.

      • Sarah

        Probably just the walks down to the lookouts etc at the moment, I would love to take the kids on some of the longer walks around Tasmania, like the three capes track so have started going on smaller walks with them, figure with our youngest only two we have a couple of years to develop their bushwalking skills. 🙂

  • Hung Thai

    Weather is still very iffy here to do anything outdoors but looking forward to camping. My nieces usually come for 2 weeks a year and we love to go swimming at the lake nearby. This list could use a few water related things.

  • eileen g

    I think the best way to camp with kids is close to home and for a night or two. And I’m definitely happier when we don’t forget the air mattress (my bones are not as soft as they used to be). But for a night or two camping is lovely, kids adore it, you’re happy to let them get filthy for 24 hours or so, and you can get away with shortcuts that you can’t if you camp for longer periods. We plan meals we can manage with a single propane burner (essentially to boil water) and a grate over the campfire for meat and veggies. you can use the burner to boil water for quick-cooking oatmeal and tea in the morning, too.