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Having just ordered 4 calendars for Christmas presents through Snapfish, I was quite excited about being given the opportunity to create a Travel Photo Album by Snapfish for this post.

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I have been using Snapfish for gifts for the Grandparents for several years.  I really like that I don’t have to purchase any software or load it up onto my computer.  It is all sitting up in the cloud whenever I am ready to come back.

I had been wanting to create photo albums from our travels for some time but had never gotten around to it.  This would be the perfect opportunity.

Since our recent trip to Phuket was still foremost on my mind I chose this as the albums’ theme.

Creating my travel photo album

To start with I logged into Snapfish.  If you don’t already have an account it is really simple to create one with your email address and a password.

Snapfish login

Simple Login

Now Snapfish is really quite simple to use, but if you have any problems they have created this helpful YouTube Video.

Or you can visit this help site

So after logging in I uploaded my photos.

You need to allow plenty of time for this part, because if your anything like me I load up 100’s.  I’ve also learnt it is a great way to have a backup of all my photos – I recently lost my entire hard drive.

Then I select a project – this time a hard cover photo album.

Select a project on Snapfish

Select a project

But there are so many fun things you can create with your photos.  You could personalise a calendar (like I do for the Grandparents), make distinctive cards, invitations, clothing, mugs or other fun novelty items that will all make great gifts.

Perhaps your photos are exceptional and you would like to make posters or canvases to decorate your home and be surrounded by your favourite memories .

The list appears endless with all the interesting and creative things you can make.

Back to the travel photo album

Next you will need to select the photos you want for your project.  Don’t worry if you forgotten to load one into your project photo box you can always go back later and add some more quite quickly.

Then you start putting photos into your project.  I really loved looking at my pictures and reflecting on our travels.

As I went along I chose the paper colour, different layouts, text and font, plus add embellishments.

You can get as creative as you want with your photo album and make every page different.  It is so a joy to use!

Once I was happy with the final album (make sure you use the tool – a red dote indicator – to ensure all your photos, text and embellishments are inside the print zone) it was time to click order.

You are taken to a secure page where you enter all your contact, delivery and payment details.

As soon as I had completed my order I received a confirmation email from Snapfish.

A few days later another email arrived to advise my travel album was on its way.

Snapfish email correspondence

Emails from Snapfish

In a nutshell this is the process I followed.

infographic guide by snapfish

A step by step guide

A week later I opened the front door to discover my album delivered safely in a cardboard protective cover.

Snapfish deliver to your door

Delivered to my door

Then to my absolute delight I opened the box to find my album exactly as I requested it.  Pure bliss!

Would you like to create an album or perhaps another special personalised gift with Snapfish?

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