Is It Convenient To Take Your Pet On Vacation Spots In Australia?

This is a guest post by David Milsont

Whether you are hoping to explore Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia, the question of taking your pet with you depends greatly on what sort of vehicle are you choosing to travel with and where are you planning to stay. In addition to that, the idea of going on a vacation with your pet also depends on which kind of pet you have as it includes everything from dogs, to cats, to birds, to snakes etc.

family travel with pets

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For example, if you either want to explore Australia with your dog or cat, you can still manage that, but when it comes to travelling with a snake or a lizard, you are bound to confront a number of problems as far as finding a hotel and taking a bus and train is concerned.

Rather than getting into all these problems it’s better to find a pet boarding or if in case you have a cat, then a cat boarding in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane or whichever place you belong to in Australia in order to transport your pet there, so that nothing can disturb you while you are on a vacation.

However, if you are travelling via campervan and a motor home, you need not be worried about your pet creating problems for others. That means you can easily travel with a bird, dog, and cat if you have hired a campervan or motor home to discover different parts of Australia.

Things you must be clear about while travelling with your pet

1. Safety And Security

Before you finalise your plan, it is important to think about the safety aspects as far as travelling with a pet to a new place is concerned. Your holiday destination should be safe enough for your pet, otherwise, it is better to leave your little friend at home. For example, taking your cat to a forest area can prove to be dangerous for it as the wildlife can pose a threat to its life. So, if you are really wanting to travel with your lovely friend, make sure that you choose an appropriate destination.

2. Book Right Types Of Hotels & Caravan Parks

There are very few hotels which allow you to enter with your pet within their premises, hence you need to research a lot while booking one for your stay at your vacation destination. You can visit the website of the hotel and check what kind of facilities it offers.

On the other hand, if you are choosing to stay in a caravan park, it’s quite helpful if you go for advance booking so that you can get an amazing discount.

3. Know Everything About Your Accommodation’s Pet Policies

If you are planning to stay in hotels or caravan parks, then it’s important for you to familiarise yourself with their pet policies so that you don’t find it shocking if something goes against your expectations later on.

In order to ensure that you and your pet can have a wonderful time in the accommodation, it’s quite significant if you can talk to hotel authorities or the people accountable for running the caravan park and get concrete details from them.

4. Pack Everything Properly

You need to give extra attention to packing while travelling with your toddler and pet, in order to ensure that you do not forget to pack important items like baby food, bottles, bibs, diapers, pet food, medical prescriptions (if anyone is taking medicines), right clothes and first aid box etc. In addition to that, you also need to pack shampoo, baby soap, and sunscreen, apart from other important travel items like maps, flashlight, and ropes etc.

5. Do Some Research On Routes

If in case you are looking forward to enjoying a self-drive road trip, then you must have sufficient idea about the routes. If you are effectively familiar with all the shortcuts, you can easily save time and money. In other words, shortcuts allow you to reach your destination in comparatively short time and helps in saving the fuel.

So, whenever you are planning to explore different parts of Australia with your family and pet, make sure you consider the advice given in this post.

family holiday with pets

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