Arm Chair Travel #24

Last week (16 September 2017) on #TheWeeklyPostcard travel bloggers were biking it and hiking it everywhere.  But before I get started on that, let me remind you about what #TheWeeklyPostcard is all about.

Welcome to the twenty-fourth post in the Arm Chair Travel series.

The Arm Chair Travel series is where I share with you, my favourite travel blog posts I have recently read.  As Toddlers on Tour is now a co-host of #TheWeeklyPostcard (learn more about that HERE) I thought the Arm Chair Travel series would be a great way for me to introduce you to some enjoyable travel posts I found during the previous weeks link up.

#TheWeeklyPostcard is a place where travel bloggers can share all their travel posts.  You will find travel blog posts offering travel tips, packing lists, accommodation reviews, yummy places to eat and destination inspiration.

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Grab a cuppa (or wine 😉 ), sit back in your arm-chair, and join me as I show you what I discovered in the world of travel on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

hiking and biking travel blog posts found on the weekly postcard

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Let’s start off slow and gentle as Shere Y Paul takes us on a beautiful hike through Slovenia

The most beautiful hikes in Slovenia with children

Another gorgeous looking place to hike is Shakespeare Park in New Zealand.  Albom Adventures shows us all the beautiful flora and fauna in the park.

Shakespear Park: Our Favourite of the Auckland Regional Parks

For a bigger more difficult hike Mich Wanderlust takes us on a portion of the Quilatoa Loop.

Hiking the Quilotoa Loop: The Secret to Getting from Chugchilán to Quilotoa Faster Without Killing Yourself

Then the adventure starts to amp up a bit as Life Beyond 520 takes us on a hiking tour of Cerro Chato in Costa Rica.

Hiking Cerro Chato in Costa Rica

Then it’s daredevil time as E&T Abroad bike down death hill in Bolivia.

Bolivia – DownHill the Death Road with Barracuda Biking

So, where will this weeks #TheWeeklyPostcard take us?

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