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Many years ago when I was a young teenager my parents took my sisters and I out to The Maze for a family picnic.  I remember the park being quite dry and almost desolate apart from the mazes.

But last year when we drove out for a day trip to New Norcia, we went past The Maze and saw the fantastic looking Outback Splash water park that had been built in 2013 by its new owners who bought the park in 2006.  Now I was keen to revisit this park with my family.

So would I find that adding a splash park can turn this tourist park around?

outback splash

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I have been waiting for the perfect weather to take this day trip out to The Maze and finally it is here.  A Sunday with a forecast of 32ºC; not too hot to explore the park but warm enough to enjoy the splash park.

I prepare one of my easy picnic meal ideas and we drive out 40 mins from the Perth CBD to The Maze.

Just before 12 noon we pull into the huge car park that is about 2/3 full.  We gather out items and walk down the dirt/limestone/gravel path – I’m not quite sure what it is doing to the wheels on my picnic hamper?

We pay the all-inclusive entrance fee of $29.50/adult and $24/child and make our way in.  The first thing we see is the water splash park.

outback splash

Walking past those that had obviously arrived when the park opened at 10am to claim a sun lounge, we continue to the back grass area to lay out our picnic.  Whilst this grassed area is massive there is limited shade at 12 o’clock.

We find a tiny patch of shade and enjoy our fresh bread rolls, mortadella, ham, pancetta, cheeses and salad.  The park does allow you to bring your own alcohol but we have chosen not to drink (we get too sleepy in the afternoon and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the park 😉 ).  If we hadn’t brought our lunch there are a couple of cafe’s to grab a bite.

After lunch Lewis is eager to get exploring.  We find “The Maze” straight away – a timber fence structure.  Apart from finding our way back out there is also the additional goals of finding four colour posts, a tower and then the exit.

the maze perth

We let Lewis lead and he has a ball taking us through and finding each goal.

the maze perth

The Tower

As we exit we find beautiful green grassed picnic grounds.  There are tables scattered under the gum trees, barbecues and different sized cabanas/huts for hire.

the maze perth

There is a small play ground that the kids are climbing.

the maze perth

However most are enjoying the large multicoloured jumping pillow – Steve even gets on a little later in the afternoon 🙂

the maze perth

We have well and truly warmed up now and are ready to cool off.  Walking back to the splash park we see giant games of hookey, chess and connect four, we have a drink from one of the water fountains, see the koalas lazing on tree trunks and various brightly coloured parrots in large aviaries.

I pop into the change rooms to put on my swimming clothes and join Steve and Lewis who are already having fun slipping down the twisting, turning water slides and dashing about under the spray jets.

outback splash

Though we have the most fun sliding down the smaller family slide as all three of us can slide together.

There are height restrictions for all the slides, the larger tube slides have a minimum height of 120cm – they even have a measuring stick at the top for the slide attendant to check.  Then there are the littlies slides and you have to be under 100cm to use them.  The splash park appears to be very safety conscious with an attendant at each slide advising when you can go down.  Plus there is no need to worry about whether or not you can swim as the slides splash into shallow chute not a deep pool.

outback splash

Once we have cooled down we are back to do some more exploring.  Lewis is now wanting to have a round of mini golf.  Golf sticks, balls and score cards with pencil are provided.

We have fun making our way around the 9 hole course – Steve and Lewis are way better than me – they slaughter me with their scores and enjoy ribbing me.

the maze perth

Then we are off to the “Hedge Maze” aptly named as it is made of hedges.  There are emergency exits in this maze and I can see why as we are lost for ages in here.  We feel a bit of relief when we make it to the half way mark, but then there are still a lot more wrong turns to be taken.

the maze perth

As we go into each dead-end tunnel we find a sign giving us some fun facts about Australia like:

  • the first Australian police force was made up of the best behaved convicts and
  • if you were to visit a different beach in Australia every day it would take you 27 years to see them all.

the maze perth

Did you know that?

Next up we try the Tractor Tyre Maze, I have to say I didn’t succeed with this one.  As I start I hear others stating, I keep going around in circles.  And you know what?  That is what is happening to me too!  I am a bit peeved I didn’t crack it – best I just go and cool off.

the maze perth

We enjoy one last lot of slipping down the slides and getting splashed by the tipping bucket.

outback splash

All three of us are laughing so much we have had such a wonderful day and we walk out the park with big smiles on our faces exclaiming what an a-maze-ing time we have had at the home of Outback Splash.

Yep it’s certainly improved since I was a kid!

Do you think you would have an amazing time?

Or have you visited somewhere similar?

Please tell me about it in the comments.

outback splash

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