What Not to Pack when You Travel 16

We’ve all done it!  Packed way too much when we travel.

I know many of you are travelling with kids and trying to pack for many scenarios but there are just some things we could leave at home.

Scroll down to find out why you should not pack these items when you travel.

Not to pack

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My top 4 items not to pack when you travel and why

1. The Hair-dryer

Most accommodations now include a hair-dryer (just double-check with your accommodation’s website before you leave home) and if you are travelling overseas then the power sockets will be different anyway.

If you are staying more budget orientated without any extras why not let your hair dry naturally or if you really need to style your hair then just pack the curling iron

2. More Than One Coat

Coats and jumpers/sweaters are so bulky taking up way too much room and weight in your luggage.  So find one that does the job of looking good whilst keeping you warm and dry.

Then think layers.  Add some colourful scarves or pashminas to give yourself another look and some light weight cardigans for when you are indoors.

3. Too Many Dressy Outfits

When you are travelling the only person who is seeing you night after night is your travel companion and obviously though you well enough that they wanted to travel with you.  So ease up on trying to impress.

If you are on a tour or cruise where you are likely to see the same people consider a skirt/pants with a few different dressy top to mix and match.

4. Lots of Shoes

Again you need to think about how much room you have in your bags and your weight allowance.  It’s not just flights that have these restrictions it’s tour buses, cruises and if you’re road tripping then there is only so much room in the boot (no pun intended 🙂 )

You don’t need a different pair of shoes for each outfit.  Think mix and match when planning your travel wardrobe.

Choose 1 pair of thongs/flip-flops for the beach or pool, 1 pair of walking shoes (according to the weather) and 1 pair of dress shoes (consider colours like black or pewter that will go with everything.)


If you would like more details about what you should pack click on all my packing lists for family travel – there’s a list for anyone and everyone.

So what have you packed that you wish you’d left at home?

Please tell me about it in the comments.

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