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Wondering how to keep the kids occupied these school holidays which also include the Easter Break?

Well I’ve come up with 7 ways to keep them occupied, most shouldn’t cost too much and should be available in your home town.


7 Things to do at Easter with the Kids

Activity Books

You can pick up cool little Easter Activity books at the supermarket or department store, they don’t have to cost a lot. The one I found was only $3. Whether you are having a staycation or going away this will keep the kids entertained when indoors.

easter activity books for kids

Visit a Theme Park

Most of the Australian cities will have at least one theme park. As the summer season has finished, many of the theme parks are offering discounts to entice you, before winter sets in. Take advantage of these deals and enjoy a day out that’s not in summers’ searing heat.

Utilize your Cultural Centre

The cultural centre includes the State Library, Art Gallery, Museum an Science Museum.  They usually have some great school holiday activities planned, go and check out your city’s website.

Catching a thief in top secret scitech

Solving the crime

Go to a Playground

Whether it’s your small local park or a large city park, get the kids out in the fresh air and burning off energy.

Things to do at Easter, visit a playground

Take a Bike Ride

Most people whether they live on the coast or inland live near water. Take advantage of the pathways around the lake, along the river or beach. if you have young kids just walk along beside them or set targets for them to reach while they wait for you to catch up.

things to do at Easter, go for a bike ride


If there is one way to get the kids interested in food it’s to get them to cook it.  You’ll be surprised what they eat if they’ve cooked it themselves, plus you’ve now filled in hour or so with no “I’m bored” comments.

things to do at Easter, cook with kids

Eat Chocolate and Hot Cross Buns

Let’s face this is what we all think about when we think of Easter those beautifully smooth chocolatey eggs.

Even if you’re the best parent in the world and prevent your children from eating treats of chocolate and lollies this is the one time of the year where you can relent a little and let the kids (and yourself) indulge for a couple of days.

Wanting to keep it slightly healthy then give the kids a fruit mix hot cross bun (hey, fruit loaf has always been on the list as healthy snack for kids, hasn’t it?)


easter eggs

Have a Happy Easter.

What will you be doing to keep the kids happy?

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