St Patrick’s Day in Perth 9

A sea of green has descended upon the streets.  It is the 17 March and it’s St Patrick’s Day.

The celebrations here in Perth began yesterday with a parade at 10am through Leederville.  The St Patrick’s Day Parade finished at 11:30am at Medibank Stadium in Leederville for a family festival.

This is where we joined the festivities.

The St Patrick’s Day Festival

As we stroll down the hill into the oval a sea of emerald-green shirts, glittery hat greets and painted faces greet us – it is all very patriotic.

This is the 2nd year this festival has run and we can see the improvements immediately on entrance.  This year has a much more lively fun atmosphere with plenty of stalls to check out.

We start with a walk through the entire festival.  There are so many choices for cup cakes, ice-cream, icy poles and snow cones – lucky it’s a warm day.  We also pass Thai and Indian food carts and a clothing stall.  At the far end we find the fenced licensed area where they are serving Guinness.  whilst we can go in with Lewis, it wouldn’t end up being a relaxing drink with a 5-year-old for company.

So we settle on a bubble ice-cream.  Steve and I enjoy the cold bubbles of lime or chocolate ice-cream under one of the many large marques scattered around half the oval, while overseeing Lewis queue for the jumping castle.  I walk over to get a couple of photos and I’m met with a beaming smile.  Do you agree, no festival is complete without jumping castles for the kids?

Jumping castles at festivals

Fun, Fun, Fun!

He jumps his little heart out then returns for a drink.  It is time to explore more of the kiddy fun.

There are children playing dodgems.  Each child is inside a large inflatable tube, they then run and bump into one another.  Other kids are playing on climbing equipment, while toddlers play under a marquee on smaller equipment.  There is also colouring set up on tables.

We continue along, as we are heading to the petting enclosure.  Lewis heads straight for the goats and starts patting them.

Petting Farms for festivals

Old McDonalds Farm

We compare the softness of the Llama wool to that of the goats, to the chickens feathers and bunny’s soft coat.  The farm attendant sits in the corner feeding a piglet a grain mush.  While we pat the pig she comments how she has to feed the animals, make sure the children and animals don’t hurt each other.  All of a sudden she calls out to a toddler, “Stop chasing the ducks”.  Once the pig is fed she moves onto giving the goats a drink of milk.  They are all fighting for a turn at the teat.

feeding goats milk

I’m thirsty

We leave the petting farm washing our hands with antiseptic wash as we go.  Lewis is keen for a last jump.  So Steve and I sit back and listen to the band playing U2 music up on stage while watching our young son burning (what we hope will be) the last of his energy before getting in the car to go home.

We thoroughly enjoyed the festival, it really is about families and having fun with the kids,.  Whereas the 17th will be for the adults with no doubt one too many Guinness at the local Irish Pub.

Did you go out for St Patrick’s Day?

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