The Spectacle that is “FantaSea” 2

Looking for things to do in Phuket with kids?  Try FantaSea.

This show is visually amazing, spectacular, and hedonistic.

FantaSea Phuket

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Our Family Night at FantaSea with Kid(s)

During our family holiday to Phuket, we book a tour to see the show FantaSea.

We know this tour is going to have a late finish, about midnight. So as we are taking our 5-year-old we ensure a nap is taken during the afternoon – really who wants to pay $80/pp (and that includes kids) to all be grumpy and/or sleep through the show.

We don’t pack our usual day trip bag instead, I pack just water for Lewis and a jumper for each of us – we have been advised it can get cold in the theatre.

We are collected by a purple FantaSea mini-bus and driven the 15 minutes down the winding coast road from our resort the Outrigger Laguna Beach Phuket.

The scale of this place is huge, to say the least. The car park is a sea of purple and green FantaSea mini-buses that have collected people from all over Phuket Island plus the large tour buses.

For the numbers of people who pass through the doors of this place on a nightly basis, it is a well-oiled machine.

We are greeted as we disembark the bus, told where to take our voucher to collect tickets and advised where to meet the bus at the end of the night.

As we enter the park we are hit by a visual kaleidoscope of coloured neon lights, cartoonish statues and store fronts that try to rival that of Disneyland.

Entrance at FantaSea

Statues at FantaSea

Our goal as we walk through this eye-popping onslaught is the buffet dinner.

As we are guided through to our table I am truly amazed at the sheer size of this restaurant it literally seats 3000 people and just runs so smoothly. Ok, the food was nothing to write home about – but for the numbers they serve it is alright, plus they serve French Fries for the kids.

The huge buffet at FantaSea

A sea of tables at FantaSea

After dinner we continue to check out the park, there is a games zone, you can go elephant walking, buy the most glittery of jewels or any number of souvenirs.

Finally, it is time to enter the theatre. We are herded through a maze to have tickets checked, cameras coat checked (there is strictly no photography), offered water and more souvenirs to purchase before being directed to the appropriate gate. The show starts at 9pm sharp – too bad if you are still trying to make your way in with the rest of the herd.

Walk into the Theatre at FantaSea

Palace of the Elephants Theatre

I had read that this show is about the history of the Kamala region in Phuket. But to be honest I couldn’t quite follow it. Yet we all enjoy the Thai singing and dancing interspersed with trapeze artists hanging above our seats, magicians, fireworks, a light show, waterfalls, cannons firing – and then the animals come.  A flock of chickens run across the stage – the crowd erupts in laughter; goats, bulls and a flock of doves all make their way across before the finale of the elephants.

A total of 30 elephants enter the stage, they dance, do handstands, balance on a small platform and one even relieves himself much to the delight of my son, and most of the audience. (If you’re wondering it was quickly cleaned away).

Last, a sea of balloons is released from the ceiling to signal the end of the show.

In a very orderly fashion, we all make our way out of the theatre, queue quickly to collect our cameras and join the line for the shuttle back to the hotel.

We all sit back in the mini-bus with a smile on our faces; what a wonderful evening we have all had.

Have you seen a show that entertained the whole family?

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