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With a mention of chocolate, Lewis can be bribed coaxed into trying any new activity or store.

So into the car he went willingly one wet autumn Sunday afternoon for the half hour 20 km drive from the Perth CBD out to the Swan Valley.  We were off to sample the Providore Margaret River in the Swan Valley which opened late last year.  It is looking like it will be a wet winter this year and we are discovering more things to do on a rainy day.

Providore Margaret River

This is the third Providore to open in Western Australia after the original was established in 2005 in Margaret River and a 2nd store opened in the Perth CBD.

It is easy to locate at 5123 West Swan Road, right next door to its sister business the Margaret River Chocolate Factory.  Whilst there were a lot of cars trying to get in and out of the car park we found a spot with ease and entered the Providore.

There were plenty of people inside trying the produce, but not uncomfortably so.

I looked at the huge selection of items available from flavoured oils, to jams, chutney, sauces (sweet and savoury) through to spice rubs for meats and wondered where to start?

Providore Margaret River produce selection in the Swan Valley

After strolling past the people tasting wine at the Coward and Black Vineyard counter, I reached the last table offering jams and sauces.

Wine tasting at Providore Margaret River in the Swan Valley

The sign on the table read “Please do not double dip. Use as many spoons as you like“.  This was all it took to start sampling.

Tasting jams at Margaret River Providore - Swan Valley

At first I was being cautious trying not to throw away plastic spoons recklessly but after a few tastes that thought went out the window; the gourmet jams are just delicious.  Another mother was obviously having similar thoughts to me about the waste of plastic as I heard her child ask can I have another taste, at first the mother stopped to think and then with abandon said why not?

If you stop to ponder whether you should try a particular flavour another customer coaxes you along advising that it was delicious and you must simply try it.

Tasting sauces at Proviore Margaret River in Swan valley

Margaret River Chocolate Factory

Finally Lewis got to have his reward and we walked next door to Margaret River Chocolate factory, he went straight to the window where you can see the chocolatiers making the delicious goodies – today they were making Rocky Road.

Making chocolate at Margaret River Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley

Then he wanted to see what the finished product looked like so we wandered through the huge selection of tables with various types of chocolate.

The huge selection of chocolate at Margaret River Chocolate Factory in Swan Valley

We found the white, milk and dark chocolate Rocky Road.

The Rocky Road selection at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley

Then the lure of all this chocolate was too much and we lined up at the bowls of chocolate buds for a hand full off tasting chocolate.

Chocolate tasting buds at Margaret River Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley

Whilst I nibbled on my chocolate I looked at all the variety of things that they make with chocolate including soap, moisturiser, lip balm and bath salts.

Chocolate body products at margaret River Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley

There is also a cafe` serving coffee and cakes, however the only tables that were left were outside and the last place I wanted to be on this cold and wet day was outside in the elements.

So Steve purchased a couple of truffles for our supper later in the evening, Lewis’s tummy was filled with chocolate and then it was time to head back to our warm home.

A thought about chocolate

My final thought about chocolate.

Which is your preferred item to taste

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