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This is Guest Post from David Milsont.

If you love travelling and want to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones in Australia, believe me, you can find a number of places in the country for that. There is no denying the fact that, in today’s competitive and stressful environment, spending some amazing time with your family can really make a huge difference in your life. Your holiday memories keep boosting you until you plan another trip with them.

Exploring new places with the family is not only important because of the fun that you have with them during the trip, but because it strengthens your relationship or bond with them. It fills your life with amazing happiness and memories – which can be cherished by you when you are away from your family. Apart from allowing you to develop a strong bond with your family, your family holiday trips can also help you in enhancing your knowledge about the places travelled.

Australia with kids

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Following are my top family holiday destinations in Australia

#1. Kangaroo Island in South Australia:

Australia with kids

image credit: Wikimedia

If you and your family are a wildlife lover, Kangaroo Island, located in South Australia can prove to be the best family holiday destination for you. You can easily bring excitement in your kids by allowing them to explore different types of wild animals such as echidnas, goannas, sea lions, swamp rats and brushtail possums etc.

Apart from that, your family can also look forward to exploring six different species of frog and bat each in Kangaroo Island. In addition to that, Kangaroo Island plays the host of some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. When it comes to cleanliness and clarity of water, the Sydney University has rated Vivonne Bay as one of the best beaches in Australia. The best part of spending your time on Kangaroo Island is that it is one of the most affordable holiday destinations in Australia.

#2. Leanyer Water Park in the Northern Territory:

Australia with kids

image credit : flickr

On the other hand, if you love getting wet in a water park with your family, Leanyer Water Park, in Australia is really the best holiday destination for you. It is absolutely true that you can have an amazing time with your family here without spending a single penny. Yes, you got that right, it is absolutely free! This family holiday destination consists of a water park and an outdoor playground, which can effectively fulfill all your holiday related requirements. If you want to visit its nearby places you can hire a campervan from Aussie Campervans which I hired during last summer holidays.

#3. Patonga in New South Wales:

Australia with Kids

image credit : wikimedia

When it comes to a full-fledged beach holiday destination, Patonga can be the best option for you. Patonga which consists of almost car-free streets  is well-known for sporting the touch of the 1970s. While talking about Patonga, one cannot forget to mention its beautiful timber rental cottages.

#4. Rottnest Island, Western Australia:

Australia with kids

image credit : wikimedia

On the other hand if you are looking forward to spending your precious time on an Island, nothing can beat the experience provided by the Rottnest Island in Western Australia. If you choose this option you can get an opportunity to explore crystal clear beaches as well as quirky wildlife.


Apart from above-mentioned places, when it comes to exploring Australia, you can also go for options such as Mt Hotham – Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, and Hobart and Richmond, Tasmania.

Which famous family destinations have you been to or would like to visit?

Tell me in the comments.


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