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It’s the holiday season.

You’ve faced the crowds at the shopping malls, bought presents for everyone, wrapped them all, done some baking and in the middle of that still gone to work plus looked after your household.

Don't get escorted off

Yes you’re feeling a bit frazzled, to say the least.  A holiday would be great!

Just don’t blow it (no pun intended) by taking all your pent-up frustration out on the people trying to help you get to your holiday destination.

Have I got your attention yet?

Yes we’re talking about preventing YOU from getting escorted off that plane, train or ship.

I started doing a little research into why people get escorted of planes, ships and trains.  These were the reasons I found on Google.

Escorted off a plane:

  • Unruly behaviour.
  • Being drunk.
  • Disobeying the conditions of carriage.
  • Declaring they have a bomb.

Removed from a cruise:

  • Rowdy behaviour.
  • Refusing to participate in the safety drill.
  • Medically unfit to travel.

Escorted off train:

  • Talking too loudly and for too long on a mobile/cell phone.
  • Talking or singing too loudly in general.

So what do YOU do to prevent this happening to you.

A guide to follow, to prevent you being escorted off:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to omit anxiety and tension.
  2. Read and understand the conditions of carriage for your airline, cruise line or rail company.
  3. Don’t drink so much that you lose control.
  4. If you have a medical condition, take documentation advising you are fit for travel.
  5. Treat people as you would like to be treated.
  6. Respect those around you.

You may think this guide sounds quite basic – it is.

However sometimes when we all get a bit stressed or worked up – especially in the lead up to the holiday season – we lose ourselves for a moment and the consequences can be awful.

So take a breath and give yourself a bit extra time and have a happy holiday.

What are your suggestions?

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I am Sally-Ann the author of Toddlers on Tour. I am a wife and mother who has always had a passion for travel. I love sharing my experiences and lessons learned to help you have a better family holiday or day trip. Read "All About Me" under the "Home" tab to discover my story and what lead me to here.

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