Arm Chair Travel #26

Whilst perusing through last weeks (29 September 2017) #TheWeeklyPostcard I was reminded of my travels backpacking through Europe.  Coming from Australia where nothing is older than 200 years, I relished the European ancient wonders, landmarks, churches, even the palaces.  But before we get started on that let me explain what the #TheWeeklyPostcard is all about.

As Toddlers on Tour is now a co-host of #TheWeeklyPostcard (learn more about that HERE) I thought the Arm Chair Travel series would be a great way for me to introduce you to some enjoyable travel posts I found during the previous weeks link up.  The Arm Chair Travel series is where I share with you, my favourite travel blog posts I have recently read.

#TheWeeklyPostcard is a place where travel bloggers can share all their travel posts.  You will find travel blog posts offering travel tips, packing lists, accommodation reviews, yummy places to eat and destination inspiration.

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Grab a cuppa (or wine 😉 ), sit back in your arm-chair, and join me as I show you what I discovered in the world of travel on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

European Travel Blog Posts found on #TheWeeklyPostcard

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Nothing much more says ancient wonder than exploring Ephesus in Turkey.  Albom Adventures explore this site whilst on a cruise, so there are hoards of fellow tourists exploring the ancient site with them.  A bit of advice from me if you can visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it is cooler, the light for taking photos is better and there are fewer crowds.

Ephesus Library of Celsus: A Must-See in Turkey

Another ancient historical wonder is the Greek port of Rhodes.  It is where it is believed that the ancient wonder of the world The Colossus of Rhodes statue spanned the entrance to the Rhodes harbour.  Paul and Carole Love to Travel share some tips on how to spend a day in the port city of Rhodes.

How to Make the Most of Your Day in Rhodes, Greece

Apart from exploring the ancient ruins of Europe I also loved to visit the ornate churches.  To the point I would I would say “I’m all churched out”.  But that didn’t stop me visiting the famous churches of each city including those in Istanbul.    Slovenian Girl Abroad shares how to spend a few days in Istanbul including visiting the churches and a palace.

Unforgettable trip to Istanbul

And palaces were my other obsession – we don’t have any in Australia.  I loved wandering through the opulent interiors and immaculately landscaped gardens.  The Dutch Guide shows exactly what I mean in her post.

A Visit to Soestdijk Palace, Netherlands

So, where will this weeks #TheWeeklyPostcard take us?

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