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Welcome to the second post in my new series of Arm Chair Travel; where I share with you my favourite travel blog posts I have read throughout the month.

So grab a cuppa (or wine 😉 ), sit back in your arm-chair, and join me as I show you what I discovered in the world of travel during February 2016.

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One of the great things about reading many travel blogs is the fantastic photo essays I stumble across, but some enchant me more than others.  This one on Matsumoto in Japan drew my attention as Anne from Pre-Traveller took me through a Japanese castle – so different from that of a European.

Have a look at Photo Essay: Three Hours in Matsumoto Japan


Most of us realise that planning for travel involves setting a budget.  But there are some cost many of us including me forget to incorporate as part of our budget.  Travel Latte shares some tips on budgeting for your next trip by reminding us all to count those additional costs (like getting that hair cut or perfect outfit) before you leave home .

Does Your Vacation Budget Seem Short?


In our recent family holiday to Bali things did not go as planned and my husband Steve could not join us for the first week.  I discovered there must be an art to choosing a family accommodation as a single parent.  Families Go shares some places that are great for single parents to travel with kids.

4 Resorts For Single Parents and Their Kids


Do you ever wondered what to do during a layover or how to keep the kids amused for a few hours whilst stuck at the airport?  Well Malibu Mama shares a great tip with her scavenger hunt.  This will keep all ages amused.  My bonus tip: create a competition who can complete the list first.

Family Travel: An Airport Scavenger Hunt


Have you ever dreamt of buying a house in a foreign country?  Well this is the story of one Australian woman and her family who did.  I am so looking forward to reading all of A French Collection’s story.

My Story #1: It has to be France


Which is your favourite travel blog post from February?

Please tell me in the comments.

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