A Family Day Out at Bali Safari and Marine Park: A Review 32

One of the great things I have been enjoying about staying at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites is how social all the guests are and how everyone offer’s each other advice as to what to see and do.

Prior to leaving Perth when I was doing my research for our family holiday to Bali I had decided I wanted to visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park.  But whilst at the resort I heard many fellow guests comment, “it’s a rather pricey day out.”

So would we feel the same about the Bali Safari and Marine Park?

bali safari and marine park review

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On the Bali Safari and Marine Park website there are quite a few options for rates and packages which can be purchased direct.  However I choose to book the Jungle Hopper Pass through our resort saving us 270 000IR.  Our pass for 2 adults and 1 child cost 1 910 000IR ($191AUD).

Our pass includes:

  • Return Transport
  • 1 Safari Journey (each)
  • Freshwater Aquarium
  • Animal Show
  • Elephant Show
  • Bali Agung Show (Balinese dancing)
  • Water Park
  • 1 Fun Zone (each)

My Bali Safari and Marine Park Review

At 9am the following day we are collected from Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites for the 30 minute ride by shuttle.

[googlemaps https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m28!1m12!1m3!1d126211.66076118618!2d115.29420941539826!3d-8.680670101202384!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m13!3e6!4m5!1s0x2dd23d3b619cd1bb%3A0x94bad6bd30955c81!2sSanur+Paradise+Plaza+Suites%2C+Jalan+By+Pass+Ngurah+Rai+No.+83%2C+Sanur%2C+Bali+80227!3m2!1d-8.693809!2d115.2588626!4m5!1s0x2dd21446b81f7d39%3A0x34b39c786c2e54ec!2sBali+Safari+%26+Marine+Park%2C+Gianyar%2C+Bali%2C+Indonesia!3m2!1d-8.58398!2d115.348191!5e0!3m2!1sen!2sau!4v1444708848432&w=850&h=450]

I was told by our hotel staff on arrival to the Safari Park to go to the express lane to collect our tickets.  The express lane is a bit of a joke as people who have not pre-purchased tickets are pushing in to be served and no one seems to police the situation.

Finally with tickets in hand or more precisely wrapped as a bracelet around our wrists, we head to the bag check to enter the park.  Here staff are confiscating all food and drinks including water – which I feel is a bit cheeky considering the cost to get in the park and it is a bit of a health issue considering how hot it is in Bali.

bali safari and marine park review

Then the final stage to reach the Safari Park proper is to board another shuttle bus from the entrance to the Park Terminal.  I take a copy of the program timetable to ensure we don’t miss any of the shows.

review bali safari and marine park

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We enter the lobby there is a Gloria Jeans coffee shop, souvenir shop and the aquarium to the left.  We head to the aquarium to gaze at the brightly coloured array of fish.

bali safari and marine park review

A crowd gathers at the Piranha tank.  Unfortunately I cannot get close enough for a picture.  At 10:30 the Piranha fish are fed a chicken.  It is a frenzy as the Piranha’s demolish the entire chicken – bones and all.

bali safari and marine park review

Then we amble along the paved jungle path.  We are enchanted to see 3 brightly coloured Macaw parrots sitting on perches uncaged – I can’t believe they don’t fly away.

To the side there is a place to have your photo taken with an orang-utan (part of the Rhino package only).

Animal Education Show at Bali Safari and Marine Park

So we continue toward the stage in time for the Animal Education Show.   We perch on a shaded section of the rickety wooden tiered seats under fake trees that unfortunately block a bit of the view and wait for the show to start.  This show focuses on educating us about how we humans have domesticated wildlife to become our pets.  Starting with birds and moving onto rats, guinea pigs, cats, dogs and then more exotic animals.  Towards the end of the show the focus is on how jungles are being destroyed and animals such as the orang-utan are loosing their homes.

Bali safari and marine park review

The education is one of the things I do like about this park, even though a few of the animals have obviously been trained for performances – it is primarily educating us, the public, how the human race has endangered so many species of animals and what we can now do to help with animal rehabilitation.

This message is reinforced at the next show – The Elephant Show.

But before we reach there we all stop to watch the elephant bathing.  There is only a small viewing area and it is very clever that the elephants have been trained to spray water on the crowd hogging the front to ensure we all get a chance to have a look.

bali safari and marine park review

Each show is timed perfectly for the crowds to make their way at a leisurely pace from one show to the next without having to wait too long but allowing a chance to check out a couple of exhibits along the way.

We see the white tiger

bali safari and marine park review

and komodo as we walk towards the Elephant stage.

bali afari and marine park review

We opt not to have our photo taken with the poor drugged lion (seriously can you explain why it doesn’t attack if it’s not drugged?)

The Elephant Show at Bali Safari and Marine Park

The Elephant Show is about how humans went into the jungles logging and the fight that erupted between the elephants and the humans resulting in elephants being shot before a more harmonious way of life evolved for both.

bali safari and marine park review

Next on our education journey we learn about Poo Paper.  This is paper made from recycling elephant poo.  The paper is quite a thick paper and is used for craft.

After our education we head for the Safari Journey.

The Safari Journey at Bali Safari and Marine Park

We are fortunate with our timing and there is no queue and board the 4WD bus straight away.

bali safari and marine park review

PS. This was taken just as we returned from our safari.

The tour takes us through the jungle to native animals from Indonesia, India and Africa, doing it’s best to try to simulate a proper safari trip in the wild.

It was so nice to see the animals not locked up in cages or confined to small enclosures, but wondering about a much larger plain.

You can see more of the expedition into the wild on a Bali safari journey HERE.

Eating at Bali Safari and Marine Park

After a morning of non-stop shows and adventures we are hungry.  We head to the Uma Restaurant, though there are other options available including the upmarket Tsavo Lion Restaurant and small stalls to buy snacks.

review bali safari and marine park

I have to say I was really impressed with how this eatery works.  The restaurant is actually a bit like a food court, with a buffet option at the far end (I am sure part of the larger package options).  We are given a card on entering, as we order food from the stalls our items are written down and we are told when to return to collect our meals.

Steve and I each have a very nice chicken satay, and Lewis the ever adventurous eater (not) had French Fries.  We also order mocktails from the bar.

review bali safari and marine park

Whilst Steve and I finish off our meal and relax Lewis heads to the small kids play area.

review bali safari and marine park

At the end of our meal we exit via the checkout and pay according to the items listed on the card.  Lunch was a very reasonable 212 000IR ($21AUD) for us all.

With only an hour left before our shuttle pick-up we head to the Water Park.

The Water Park at Bali Safari and Marine Park

review bali safari and marine park

Such a fun way to cool off at the end of the day: slipping down slides and getting drenched by the tipping bucket.

review bali safari and marine park

Though be a little careful on the big green water slides as you come to a sudden stop in a pool that is a little bit too shallow.

bali safari and marine park review

We decide to take the 3pm shuttle pick-up and as a result we run out of time to visit the Fun Zone – a selection of amusement style rides.  We could stay until the 5:30pm pick-up but feel another 2 and half hours would be way too long, a bit of shame that there isn’t a 4pm slot – that would have been perfect to end our great day.

So did we think Bali Safari and Marine Park was pricey?

Well if I had purchased the more expensive Rhino Package – most definitely!  The Rhino Package offers unlimited times on the safari journey and in the fun zone – but there just isn’t time in the day to do everything more than once (even if we’d stayed until 5:30pm).  The Rhino Package also includes lunch and photos with animals.  However we found the Uma Restaurant to be very affordable and tasty something those buffets (from experience) are usually not, and don’t get me started on photos with drugged up animals.

However we bought the Jungle Hopper Package, we came out thinking yeah a bit expensive – though this seems to be the standard price to do most tourism activities in Bali with which we had a full day’s entertainment.  So overall it was a great day at reasonable price (for Bali).

Would you or your family enjoy a day out at Bali Safari and Marine Park?

Tell me in the comments.

review bali safari and marine park

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