5 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday on a Cruise

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Birthdays are always so special, no?

So why celebrate them every year with the same old boring activities? Step out of that zone and think something out of the box like celebrating your birthday on a cruise! While if you don’t have enough reasons to book a cruise for your birthday, then we have got 5 reasons you should definitely celebrate your birthday on a cruise liner.

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1.     You will get a fun birthday to remember forever

The question under debate here is, why should you celebrate your birthday on a cruise? We ask, why not? After all, who doesn’t like to make their birthday memorable and adventurous and what can be more fun than leaving your usual celebrations behind and planning it big on a cruise? Whether you go for the Caribbean beaches or the ever so energetic activities in Australia, if you are getting on board of a luxurious cruise line then you know your birthday is going to be exciting like anything.

2.     You will get the best of the luxuries

If you are already wondering that, is fun the only reason? No it’s not! The activities that are offered on a cruise are something that will make your birthday all the more special. You can enjoy the wine tastings, participate in the cooking demonstrations, test your gambling skills at the casino or even enjoy a movie at the sky deck. But wait that’s not all! You can also opt for a birthday cruise package and avail other facilities like a rejuvenating spa or a dinner at the cruise ball room.  A cruise won’t let you fall short on options for making your birthday worth remembering!

3.     Lip-smacking food

Are you planning to book a table at the nearby restaurant, cut your birthday cake, and eat those same old cuisines and come back home? Bad idea! Celebrating your birthday on a cruise will provide you with an extensive range of culinary options to choose from and you can savour a variety of delicacies from different cafes and bistros at the cruise. Amazing! Isn’t it? From sushi and pizzas to burgers and pastas, the cruise restaurants will offer a variety of flavors to your taste buds. Many cruise birthday packages includes lunches and dinners at the on board restaurants along with complimentary cocktails, chocolates and champagnes to add more awesomeness to your big day.

Sydney Princess Cruises

4.     How about some pampering?

Who wants to work at the office or sweat it out in the kitchen on their birthday? No one of course! This is when a cruise trip will give you the much-needed relaxation and peace of mind by not letting you do anything at all! You can forget your daily chores and get yourself pampered by the luxury services offered on the cruise. Skilled chefs will cook for you, performers will entertain you, and drinks will be served to you whenever you want and no need to worry about the room cleaning as well.

5.     For the love of freebies!

Don’t think about the cost of booking a cruise; think about the extra perks that will come along! Many cruise liners offer amazing birthday packages that include free birthday cakes, free cocktails for the guests, birthday decorations in the cabin, dinner and much more. After all freebies is always bliss not just on the birthdays but on any day!

We hope these reasons are enough to kick-start your cruise birthday planning as now you know how outstanding it is going to be!


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