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When our family travels one of the things my preschooler asks for is a great water-park.  Of course he also wants entertainment.

Why not combine the two; Legoland offers a wide variety of activities for children aged from 2-12 years,  and most include a fantastic splash zone for the entire family to cool off.

So pack your swimming bag with you day trip bag and get going.

1. Legoland California

Located in Carlsbad, 30 minutes north of San Diego CA.

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2. Legoland Florida

Located at Winter Haven Florida, 45 Minutes from the Orlando theme parks or Tampa.


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Picture one, Picture two

3. Windsor Legoland

Located 2 miles from Windsor town centre in Berkshire UK.

Windsor Legoland Safari Splash Park

Safari Splash Zone

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 4. Legoland Germany

Located in Gunzberg, Bayern in Bavaria, South Germany between Munich and Stuttgart.

Waterworks at Legoland Germany


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5. Legoland Malaysia

Located in Jahor  Bahru in the Iskandar region Malaysia sadly too far from Kuala Lumpor for a day trip but within easy access from Singapore.

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Picture one, Picture two

Final note

Now there is a Legoland Billund located in Denmark.  However I could not find a picture of their water-park.  I assume this could be because it is actually too cold to use the splash zone even during the summer.

If you have a picture please leave a link and we can add it to our Splash zone board.  Also if you have any other great water-park pictures on your Pinterest account leave a link so we can pin them.

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