5 Awesome Airplane Activity Bags for Kids

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Traveling with kids is something that is both fun and crazy at the same time. It is fun seeing your kids excited for your family’s destination but when they can’t help but get restless especially during long flights, it’s a challenge every parent must undertake.

With proper planning, keeping the little ones busy and entertained should be easy!

Here we have compiled an awesome list of five airplane activity bags for kids that you can prepare for your next travel.

1.    DIY Portable Lego Travel Kit

Legos belong to the top 10 toys mentioned by the British Airways to take on the plane. These small building blocks can occupy not only your little one’s time but can also be a great entertainment for the adults! To assemble this kit, follow the tutorial by Jen of Mama Papa Bubba. She also made another version where she incorporated laminated pattern cards that the kids can follow through.

Airplane activity bags

2.    The Ultimate Travel Activity Kit

You can combine a few books (story, activity, colouring), pencils, crayons and a few handy toys in your kid’s travel stash to keep him pre-occupied during your travel time. See how Tonggu Momma of Our Little Tongginator came up with hers.

airplane activity bags

3.    DIY Travel Pillow with Carrying Case and Velcro Pocket

This kind of activity bag will most likely attract kids who are older and might want to bring fewer toys during the flight. A travel-sized pillow that doubles as a bag for books, tablets and maybe a few toys will come handy for kids who wanted to be busy and have a pillow ready at hand just in case they need a quick nap! While Autumn of It’s Always Autumn blog made hers for a road trip, you can’t go wrong bringing this to your plane ride to your next vacation spot.

airplane activitiy


Kid size Travel Pillows With Carrying Case by It’s Always Autumn

4.    Assorted Activities Envelope Kit

Another amazing idea from Jen of Mama Papa Bubba blog, this traveling kit is made up of different activities placed inside individual envelopes. Velcro craft sticks, small wooden discs for the memory game, matching games, spy bag, and matching puzzles can be found. This will excite the kids! Changing the activity once in a while will help them fight the boredom easily.

airplane activity bags

5.    DIY Dry Erase Drawing Kit

To keep the little artists busy, having some paper and crayons will do the trick! You can also include some activity books or printable colouring pages. By having this kit, the kids can channel their inner Picasso while being entertained other than electronic devices!

airplane activity bags

Portable Dry Erase Drawing Kit from Sunny Day Family


With you worrying less on the kid’s entertainment, you can also focus on other stuff like your itinerary or maybe having some rest. Make your little ones enjoy the journey on air by bringing an activity bag the next time you travel.

Which one interests you most?

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