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This year the Chinese New Year celebrations began on 31st January 2014.  It is the year of the horse. According to the Sydney Chinese New Year Festival,

“People born in the Year of the Horse are clever, kind, animated and energetic. Although they sometimes talk too much, they are cheerful, perceptive, talented and love to be in the centre of a crowd. They are popular among friends, active at work and have a deft sense of humour.

2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse. Wood Horses are strong and stable and have a better ability to make decisions. Excellent at interacting with others, they are successful personally and professionally.”

Year of the Horse

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Chinese new year coincides with the lantern festival.  Lanterns are hung outside homes and children carry lanterns for luck.  Different colours mean different things.

  • Red: Good fortune
  • Pink: Romance
  • Peach-red: Decisions and opportunities
  • Orange: Money
  • Yellow: Success in school and/or job
  • White: Health
  • Light Green: Growth
  • Light Blue: Hoping something comes true
  • Light Purple: Idealism

Chinese new Year Lanterns


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This year we went to our local food court to watch the celebrations. The drums pounded as the dragons danced and fought. The local Chinese community offered the dragons gifts in envelopes for good luck and were showered in lettuce leaves in return (not sure what that was about – if you know please tell us). The dancing dragons looked something like this.

Dancing dragons at Chinese New Year

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Of course then we got to enjoy a scrumptious Chinese meal. Who doesn’t like dim sum and fried rice?

Chinese New Year food

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Lewis was so excited and enthralled with the celebrations we found some great craft ideas to continue with the theme.

Chinese New Year Craft

Did you watch the Chinese New Year celebrations?

I hope you’ve enjoyed having a look at these Chinese new year pictures I have found on Pinterest. If you’ve got a picture on Pinterest and would like us to Pin it add a link in the comments and we will PIN IT to our Celebrations board.


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