My Favourite Sanur Restaurants and Not So Favourite 1

One of the joys of travel is food. So during our recent Bali family vacation where we return to the Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites, we vow to eat out at more of the local Sanur restaurants. Sanur is located on the east coast of the Indonesian island of Bali.  Many of the Sanur restaurants can be […]

Sanur Restaurant to discover in Bali

activities in New Caledonia - beaches

Travelling with Toddlers: Fun Family Activities in New Caledonia

This is a guest post by Nicole Noel Don’t worry, travelling with family isn’t as hard as you may think it is. Sometimes, those trips can become the most wonderful memories. Sure, it can seem very difficult to look after a toddler on a trip, but if you read this article carefully, your only trouble […]

My Review of Bali Dynasty Resort’s Family Facilities 4

It’s been voted in Holiday with Kids  Top 10 Family Resorts for the last seven years.  Little wonder that 90% of their clientele are from the family travel market. Which family friendly resort is it? The Bali Dynasty Resort located on the popular Kuta beach front on the Indonesian island of Bali. Last week we checked […]

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Tips for flying with toddler on a family holiday.

5 Travel Tips for Flying With A Toddler

This is a Guest Sponsored Post from If travelling by plane with your toddler sparks terrifying mental scenarios, then you’re not alone. A lot of parents I know avoid travelling with their kids because they worry that their child might cause trouble while they’re 30,000+ feet in the air. However, a lot of travelling parents […]

Should You Use an Online Travel Agency Like

This is a guest sponsored post by Back then, whenever I wanted to book a flight, I remember driving to town to visit our local travel agent. Driving there, waiting in line, and asking the travel agent to look for available flights took me about 50 minutes to an hour, depending on the availability […]

The pros and cons of booking travel with an online agency

fun family festivals for 2016

Fun Family Friendly Festivals for Kids 2016 6

This post is sponsored by My Family Travels Fabulous Fall Getaways. The change of season is finally here – it’s either a cooler or a bit warmer.  Which means no matter where you live you can now start to enjoy the outdoors again. What better way to do it than join in some family friendly […]

Stave Off Anxiety with a Checklist Before You Travel 8

Do you ever have that sinking feeling as you walk out the door for your family holiday that you have forgotten to do something? If only you had ticked off a checklist before you travel instead of wondering: Is the oven left on? Are the taps turned off? You pat your pockets to check you […]

Use my pre-travel checklist before you travel.

10 Family friendly hotels in Malaysia

Top Family Friendly Hotels in Malaysia 7

One my favourite South East Asian family holiday destinations is Malaysia.  With its mix of stunning beaches, lush forests, delicious food, heritage sites, fun theme parks and great shopping all fuelled by a cultural fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences – Malaysia offers something for everyone.  It’s little wonder why Malaysia is a popular […]

Travel Tips for Flying with Baby 8

Remember those carefree days when you were single with no infant in tow and you would board a flight – then you would see it. A baby!  Oh crap, you think, there goes my peaceful flight. Time has passed – you’ve matured, grown up, and got your own baby…that you want to take on a […]

Tips for flying with baby

extras I add packing with kids

The Extras I Add to Packing with Kids 17

In the lead up to our next family holiday with kids, I am starting to prepare by purchasing all the extras I need to pack for travel with kids. I start by creating a list of my son Lewis’s favourite snacks, activities and medical essentials. My lists for extras I add to packing with kids […]