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Phuket has become a very popular destination for families travelling with kids.

We discovered why in our recent trip to Phuket with kids.

Prior to departing for Phuket with Kids

It felt like a long time waiting for this family holiday. Steve had decided only one trip this year – but we were going for longer – 2 weeks.

We decided this trip would be Phuket with kids or in our case just 1 child.

So finally after doing my holiday planning and then sitting around thinking now what, it was finally time to pack for the family travel and head to the airport.

At the airport we set upon our standard routine – it’s funny how we only travel a few times a year (if that) yet we still have a routine we follow.

  • Check-in,
  • up the escalators,
  • contemplate currency exchange – knowing we get a bad rate at Perth Airport,
  • get Lewis to run around a bit,
  • stop for a coffee and toast (it was early morning and we need breakfast),
  • fill in departure cards,
  • go through customs and security – arguing about what should and shouldn’t go in the tray,
  • more running for Lewis before boarding the plane.
  • breathe a sigh of relief if we get an extra seat to spread out.

Then for the next 6 1/2 hours Steve watched movies non-stop and I got to watch a 1 or 2 whilst doing colouring, sticker books and finding food for Lewis from our hand luggage.

As we exited Phuket airport we were hit with the tropical heat as we tried to locate our pre-booked driver amongst all those trying to tout for us to travel with them.  Success finally!  Into the air-conditioned car for the 30 minute drive to the hotel.

We have arrived for our family holiday to Phuket with Kid(s)

During our drive we made comment, “whilst we were in a different location from previous holidays the small interspersed towns we passed all looked very similar from the last: a mini mart, a local restaurant, a clothing store, a local wares store and a few dogs roaming the street.”

We arrive at our Phuket Hotel

Then we drove through the gates to the Laguna Phuket a secluded resort complex of 7 hotels of various star levels and a small shopping village.  The complex also provided free shuttles and ferries within the resort.

We had chosen to stay at Outrigger Laguna Beach Resort.  We were greeted with a welcome drink whilst we checked in and shown to our room.

This was one of the best hotel room layouts that we have stayed in.  Little things like a separate toilet cubicle in the bathroom and utilising the day bed nook for the kids bed made the room feel more spacious and easy to function in for a small family staying for 2 weeks – in essentially one room – all things to consider when choosing your family accommodation.

Then Lewis and I hit the pool.  He could not wait a minute longer.  And I have to admit I wanted to check out where we were going to be spending the bulk of our days.

That night we discovered a local restaurant on the beach.  Actually during our entire stay we did not eat dinner in-house once, there were so many options available – some even came to collect you with a free shuttle service.

The next day we began our day (like everyday of our stay) with the buffet breakfast.  Lewis really enjoys the buffets now going back and forth to discover new foods and making his toast in the commercial toasters – what kids find amusing.

However as is fairly typical, you are so busy getting the kids sorted they have finished eating before you’ve barely began.

So we took his writing/spelling and maths work books and he would do a little school work whilst we finished breakfast.  Then I also felt better about taking him out of school for 2 weeks.

Resort life staying in Phuket with kids

Normally we only travel for 1 week and I feel we are always so pressured to fit everything in.  However going for 2 weeks was great.

We got to have some fantastic days just relaxing by the pools and slipping down the water slide.

Or Lewis would visit the kids club and take part in some craft activities.

Kids do craft in Resort Kids Clubs

Craft at Kids Club

He also tried his hand at golf at the Laguna Phuket Summer Family Festival @LatitudeMarque, that was set up during the 1st week of our stay.

Disappointingly it closed a week early and thus was not available during our 2nd week’s stay – so sadly I cannot endorse this as an event you should visit next year.

Phuket with Kids

SNAG Golf at Latitude Marque

Back to the great stuff we did during our stay.  We got to pat, or get a kiss or shower from Candi the elephant.  Who visited pool side at our resort early morning and late afternoon.

One day Lewis and Steve even took a daring jet ski ride on the lagoon.  Ok I had a go too but I hate speed, I am such a scaredy cat, so I made Steve putt slowly around the lagoon on my trip.

We took some day trips in Phuket.

I have to say there are so many kid friendly activities to do in Phuket. We went to see the visually stunning stage show FantaSea.

Took a ride on an elephant at Siam Safari Elephant Camp overlooking the Chalong Bay

We thoroughly enjoyed going out to the Phuket Town Weekend Markets in the evening.  There was so much variety for shopping and the choice of food was interesting to say the least with the selection of deep-fried bugs.

Fortunately we found some sweet corn to get us through and it was the only time I got Lewis to eat vegetables unless you count French Fries as potato.

We went down to Patong by taxi a couple of times.  The taxis in Phuket now have set rates to take you to most places so there is little bartering that can be done – but at least you don’t feel ripped off.

We really enjoyed our 2nd last night of our family holiday going into Patong (though it did feel a bit like little Australia  – you could hear the accent everywhere).  We caught a tuk-tuk to take us around the main strip so we could get a feel for the area.

Then we stumbled upon a great little Italian restaurant for dinner amongst the maze of restaurants and bars.  We did the last of our souvenir shopping before catching a tuk-tuk back to our resort half an hour away.  Lewis thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Time to go home

As we had a midnight flight home we decided to pay for an extra nights accommodation to keep our room for the day until check-out, so worth it.

Then all too soon our Phuket with Kids trip was over and it was time to go home. We really felt that the 2 weeks was a much better trip as it takes a week to wind down before you feel completely relaxed.

What do you think?

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Phuket with kids

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