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In March we escaped for a few days for a Bali family getaway.

We stayed at the lovely Grand Mirage Resort Bali located along Nusa Dua.

Whilst we were staying on the all-inclusive package option, I discovered that many of the activities were also included on the bed and breakfast package.

So what did I find to occupy our time so much we didn’t need to leave the resort?

Activities at the Grand Mirage Resort Bali

I like to start my days with a some yoga under the trees whilst overlooking the water with the birds chirping in the branches above.

Grand Mirage resort bali

If you are after a something that uses a bit more energy there is a gym.

Or if you want to keep cool partake in the daily water aerobics, before a game of water polo.

Grand Mirage Resort Bali activities

Or perhaps you would rather something the whole family can get involved in like a bike ride or an ocean kayak paddle.

and we’re off!

Grand Mirage resort bali activities

Or just hang out together in the games room and play: pool, air hockey, table tennis or a game of cards.

Perhaps you need or want to hone your cooking skills – get some tips from the poolside demonstrations.

Grand Mirage Resort Bali activities

Or get the kids to sample some tropical fruits.

Grand Mirage resort Bali activities

Perhaps this is just all too much and you would rather relax in the pool with the kids

Grand Mirage Resort Bali acttivitesor without them

Grand Mirage Resort Bali Kids club

because you had dropped them at the kids club.

Grand Mirage Resort Bali activities

If you can’t keep up with which activity is on when, there is an activity board just as you walk out to the pool.

Grand Mirage Resort Bali activities

What activities do you like?

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Grand Mirage Resort Bali activities

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