It’s Mum’s Holiday Too: Mum Travel Tips 18

How you can come home feeling like you've had a holiday as well. Check out these Mum travel tips.

Speaking to a fellow school Mum who had just returned from a getaway she described travel with kids as “just like being at home – but with palm trees.”

Well that is true.

No matter where you are your kids are still going to act up and demand attention just like they do at home.

So how can you come home from that family holiday feeling like you’ve had a break too.

Well I’m going to share with you what I do to feel like I’ve had a holiday as well.

Mums holiday

My Mum Travel Tips

When Planning your holiday

When it comes to having a great family holiday it really comes down to the planning and research.  I have lots of tips HERE on how to plan your holiday.  However whilst you are doing this don’t forget to factor in yourself and REALLY think about these points to ensure you get a break.

  • Choose accommodation that will reduce your work load.
    • I personally love going to a resort because I can’t cook or wash dishes.  However there is no washing machine, so you may end up doing hand washing.
    • Self contained may give you more room and less squabbles.  However think about the cooking, washing dishes and laundry.  Maybe look for something with a dishwasher.


mum travel tips: reduce the housewrok


  • Choose accommodation to match the age of your kids.
    • With that I mean consider the facilities included like kids clubs, swimming pools and playgrounds.  If the facilities match the age of your children then there will be similar aged children for your kids to play with.
    • Seriously if you want to relax you have got to ensure your kids will be entertained.
    • I have plenty more tips on Choosing the Right Family Accommodation HERE.


mum travel tips: choose accommodation with family friendly facilitites


  • When packing for the kids take activities to keep them entertained in the room.  (I have a full list Packing for Kids HERE)
    • Again if you want a bit of peace you need to have something for your kids to do.
    • Think: small sets of Lego, colouring, cheap craft sets, and activity books.
  • When packing for the family take enough clothing for a week.  (I have Packing Lists for the Family HERE)
    • Reduce the amount of time you are going to do laundry – if possible get someone else to do the laundry (that’s what I did in Phuket, it was quite cheap).

Before you Go

  • Clean the house before you go.
    • This way you can keep that relaxed holiday feeling for a little bit longer after your return.

Whilst you are on Holiday

  • Plan to AVOID cooking as much as possible.
    •  Whilst self-contained accommodation is really handy for keeping the costs of eating out down and I have to say really good when introducing solids to babies and toddlers (this was why we chose to stay in a self-contained apartment when we went to Sydney, my son was 20 months).
    • However if you are not careful you will be cooking and washing dishes all day.
    • When we went to Busselton we found just having breakfast in the chalet was enough.  We ate out for lunch and BBQed for dinner keeping the mess and cooking to a minimum.
    • It may take a couple of days but find a routine where you don’t have to prepare and cook every meal.
  • Plan some down time on your own.
    • Negotiate with your husband/partner to take turns as to who watches the kids and who gets to go off for an hour to do their own thing.
    • I like to get a massage or do yoga.
  • Utilise kids clubs and baby sitters for a bit of couple time.
Mum travel tips: take time out for yourself

Not sure about those fish

Just remember it’s your holiday too, so plan for you to have a break and come home refreshed.

What are your tips for coming home refreshed from a holiday?

About Sally-Ann Brown

I am Sally-Ann the author of Toddlers on Tour. I am a wife and mother who has always had a passion for travel. I love sharing my experiences and lessons learned to help you have a better family holiday or day trip. Read "All About Me" under the "Home" tab to discover my story and what lead me to here.

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18 thoughts on “It’s Mum’s Holiday Too: Mum Travel Tips

  • Peachy Keen Mumma

    My husband and I were just talking about taking a trip with our toddler. We’ve booked a little cabin by the River in a few months time. My husband is worried we will be working too much while we are there instead of relaxing. It was great to read your tips because we were also wanting to do a Mystery Trip- feeling spontaneous and crazy!

  • Annaleis

    Some excellent tips here. I find breaky at home is easiest and if we are staying ‘home’ for dinner its always a bbq if possible. One salad and meat. Kids are always happy with that. You are right about taking it easy on yourself and trying to book appropriate accommodation. One I found which I think is important is apartments with lots of glass tables. Not really a good idea for small children.

  • Renee Wilson

    Great tips, Sally-Ann. We’ve not really had a family holiday before. Well, we have, but we stayed with family in their home, so it didn’t really count. I like your advice on choosing accom based on the kids’ ages. Plus having your own kitchen is definitely a winner. Thanks for sharing. #teamIBOT

  • EssentiallyJess

    We are having a few days away next week, and I’m trying to work out the best way to do it for us all, which also gives me a break. Eating out for six of us constantly is not a possibility, so I think we will do things like make lunches and breakfast but buy dinner. Now I just have to sort out the clothing….

  • Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages

    Some great tips here, though I find the more activities there are for the kids to do the more activities I have to do with them. I like to balance out the kids activities with grown up activities so it is win win. And yes, coming home to a clean house is the best. Thanks for joining in my #wednesdaywanderlust link party.

    • Sally-Ann Brown Post author

      Your welcome Malinda, I have an only child so I am always having to play with him whether we are at home or away, it’s just a matter of ensuring there is enough to keep him occupied that I don’t hear “I’m bored” as he doesn’t have any siblings to play with.

  • Sarah

    These are great tips, I will have to keep it in mind in the coming years! We are expecting our first (this week!) and I am collecting all the Mum advice I can get. Glad I found this article through the link up : )
    Sarah xo