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I am in the process of planning our main annual family holiday.

I have researched the accommodation options and narrowed it down to the right choice of holiday accommodation for our family.

I have research all the airlines, looked at the flight times and decided on the best flight to book for our family.

But there is one thing that has stopped me from booking so far – THE PRICE!

So how am I going to get that cheap flight for my family.

Get cheap flights

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I know that if I follow my tips on ways to get a cheap flight I will eventually find one.  But as I learnt when I was booking flights to Bali for our family getaway earlier this year – it can take a lot of time continually going back and forth to the airline/travel websites.

Well now I have found a website that does the work for you.  It’s call I want that Flight.

This is how I will get cheap flights (without too much work)

The difference with this website in contrast to other flight comparison websites is the filtering and notification systems.

You start as you would on any other flight comparison website.  Enter your home port, destination port, dates and the number of people travelling.

Get Cheap Flights

Use the filtering system to find the best match.

A massive list of flights and prices come up, but you can filter it down by:

  • the number of stops
  • the airline you want to travel
  • which class you want to travel
  • which ports you want to transit through.

PS one of the great things about the price that it gives you is – it is all inclusive of everyone travelling, taxes, charges and fees (including the credit card fee).

get cheap flights

Get email notifications.

Now at the moment the price is higher than I am willing to pay so I can set the website to send me email notifications when the price reduces.  I set how much I am willing to pay and it will send an email alert when the fare drops.

get cheap flights

More choices with E-Newsletters

In the meantime I could change my mind on our destination and so I can have E-newsletters sent with deals on offer from my chosen home port (Perth).  Which unlike some other travel websites that send me emails with the great offer to Fiji – from Sydney (really what I am I going to do with that in Perth).

get cheap flights

So for now I’m sitting back contemplating entirely different destinations, whilst waiting for that email alert to get cheap flights for our family holiday.

So what do you think?  Will this help you get that cheap flight?

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