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Hi and welcome to Toddlers on Tour.  A website designed to provide you with tips and advice for travel with kids, helping you have a better family holiday.

The idea for Toddlers on Tour was formed when I had my son in 2008 and joined a Mother’s Group. Many of whom were setting off on trips around the world to show off their new bubs and did not know what to do.

I had worked in the travel and tourism industry for 20 years and also have a Bachelor in Tourism, so I was able to offer them advice.

From this I realised that there was a need to provide advice on all forms of travel and for all situations that parents encounter along the way.

So I started gathering information and making many pages of notes before creating the website.

My advice is based not only on personal experience from working within the industry; but also from researching many travel books, websites and blogs.

I hope that my advice helps you to have an enjoyable journey.

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