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I am a little disappointed as we are guided to a polished wooden table that is located near the waiter station behind a support column – ensuring I have an obstructed view of the Frankenstein’s Laboratory stage.

We have arrived on time at 4:30pm for the family session, having been enticed by the Frankenstein’s Laboratory website statement, “After dark, the monsters and zombies come out…waiting for you to scream.”  I am now wondering, “Will our seating location diminish the experience?”

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What to expect at Frankenstein’s Laboratory in Bali

I look around.  From the Seminyak (town) street, this Bali restaurant is quite unassuming, but inside it is another story.

Street view of Frankenstien's laboratory Bali

Street view of the Frankenstein’s Laboratory restaurant.

The lights are dim.  Skeletons, decapitated heads, spiders and cobwebs adorn the dark walls.

Interior decor of Frankenstein's Laboratory

Frankenstein’s restaurant decor

Our host almost bounces up to us with his exuberant energy.  Enthusiastically he informs us of the night’s proceedings.  Which includes the Cabaret show times (we are here for the Thriller show), the latest time a meal order can be placed and offers our son Lewis the opportunity to have special SFX zombie face painting applied – nervously Lewis declines.

The host is one of a small group of Australian’s who own this Bali restaurant, he boasts how successful they have become in two years, so much so that there is now a two-week waiting list for bookings (we made our booking several weeks before departing for this Bali family vacation).

Drinks menu at Frankenstein's Laboratory

Frankenstein’s restaurant drinks menu

Our drinks arrive at the table.  Whilst standard drinks are available we choose the more fun options.  The soft drink arrives in an IV bag and my cocktail in a science beaker.  OK, these choices are a little bit more expensive but it is all part of the fun night.

Fun drinks at Frankenstein's

The IV drink

Michael Jackson’s Thriller begins to play, the Dancing Dead Zombies shuffle in among the tables, stop to wrestle with the kids, before making their way to the stage.  With classic Michael Jackson dance moves the Dancing Dead perform a well-choreographed stage show for 15 minutes to a variety of Michael Jackson classics.

Fortunately I am free to get up and move to a better vantage point during the show.

Dancing Dead zombies at Bali restaurant

Dancing Dead zombie

“Whah, ha ha ha,” our energetic host creep’s up behind us and growl’s several times throughout the night, before checking we have drinks and reminding us to place our meal orders.

The food menu is a very typical Australian pub menu consisting of pie, pizza, salad, and burgers – which I think are their speciality.  I order the parmigiana – something I don’t have often, my husband Steve a bolognese and Lewis fish and chips from the kid’s menu that also includes an ice cream for desert.  The prices are a couple of dollars more expensive than other Bali restaurants but as there is no cover charge for the stage show.  So, I think Frankenstein’s Laboratory prices are very reasonable – approximately $10-$15/ dish.

Parmigiana at Frankenstein's

Chicken Parmigiana

The food is OK but nothing special, this Bali restaurant is really all about the entertainment.

We finish our meal as a nice 3 piece acoustic band plays taking requests from the audience.

band playing at Frankenstein's restaurant

Frankenstein’s acoustic band

The Dancing Dead return to the stage for their finale hip hop choreographed dance routine.

Cabaret show at Frankenstein's Bali

Frankenstein’s Cabaret show

At 8pm our host advises everyone, “it is now time to leave the lab to make way for the second adults only show.”  Outside Frankenstein’s restaurant, a throng of taxis and private cars call out to offer their services as they carefully making their way up and down the narrow street.

Whilst we wait for our driver we step into Frankenstein’s House of Horrors Shop.  There are plenty of novelty pieces (costumes, masks, T-shirts and colouring for kids) to purchase as a memento of this not so scary, yet entertaining family night out in Bali.

Need to Know

  • Website:

Frankenstein’s Laboratory

  • Session times:

Family Session: 4:30 – 8:15pm

Adults Session (14years+): 8:30pm – midnight (pre-dinner drinks from 6:30pm in the Time Warp Lab)

  • Location:

  • Getting there and away:

You can either organise a private driver to take you and pick you up from the front of the Bali restaurant or there are plenty of taxis available as your exit Frankenstein’s.

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