Arm Chair Travel #31

There are so many different aspects of exploring the world through travel.  You can learn about history, see ancient wonders of the world, discover local customs or culture and see exciting wildlife.  Sometimes just finding the wildlife is an adventure in itself.  And that’s what some of last weeks (4 November 2017) #TheWeeklyPostcard travel bloggers […]

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Arm Chair Travel #30

Last week (28 October 2017) a few of my fellow travel bloggers shared their experiences at our favourite South East Asian family holiday destinations. But before we get started on that let me explain what the #TheWeeklyPostcard is all about. #TheWeeklyPostcard is a place where travel bloggers can share all their travel posts.  You will find travel […]

Arm Chair Travel #29

It’s weird how some weeks travel bloggers are all writing about the same theme and yet other weeks it’s a real mishmash.  That’s how it was last week (21 October) on #The WeeklyPostcard.  There were a selection of travel blog posts from all sorts of genres. But before we get started on that let me […]

Discover 5 types of experiences, activities and attractions to enjoy when you travel to Africa with kids on a family holiday vacation.

Unique Experiences in Africa with Kids 3

This post was in collaboration with Bench Africa Finding fun, entertaining and educational destinations for family holidays can be a struggle.  So, I’ve been reflecting on my past travels to Africa and come to the realisation that travelling there with kids can offer some unique experiences. Africa is the second largest continent in the world with 54 […]

Arm Chair Travel #28

Several years back when I first created Toddlers on Tour I had many friends ask,  why write about travel with kids?  Who wants to take their kids on a holiday? That just sounds awful.  However, I knew there were families out there wanting to explore the world and looking for travel tips on how to achieve […]

Travel bloggers show that your can take your kids travelling anywhere in the world.

Arm Chair Travel #27

Nature – it’s extraordinary, beautiful, magical and no one built it, it is just there for us all to enjoy.  Last week (6 October 2017) on #TheWeeklyPostcard travel bloggers were sharing their love of nature and all its stunning glory. But before we get started on that let me explain what the #TheWeeklyPostcard is all about. […]

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Arm Chair Travel #26

Whilst perusing through last weeks (29 September 2017) #TheWeeklyPostcard I was reminded of my travels backpacking through Europe.  Coming from Australia where nothing is older than 200 years, I relished the European ancient wonders, landmarks, churches, even the palaces.  But before we get started on that let me explain what the #TheWeeklyPostcard is all about. […]

Arm Chair Travel #25

As the weather gets milder, be it warming up or cooling down it’s time to start enjoying the outdoors.  And that’s exactly what #TheWeeklyPostcard travel bloggers were doing last week (21 September 2017).  But before we start looking at how they were enjoying the outdoors let me explain what #TheWeeklyPostcard is all about. As Toddlers on […]

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Arm Chair Travel #24

Last week (16 September 2017) on #TheWeeklyPostcard travel bloggers were biking it and hiking it everywhere.  But before I get started on that, let me remind you about what #TheWeeklyPostcard is all about. Welcome to the twenty-fourth post in the Arm Chair Travel series. The Arm Chair Travel series is where I share with you, […]