Arm Chair Travel #30

Last week (28 October 2017) a few of my fellow travel bloggers shared their experiences at our favourite South East Asian family holiday destinations.

But before we get started on that let me explain what the #TheWeeklyPostcard is all about.

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As Toddlers on Tour is now a co-host of #TheWeeklyPostcard (learn more about that HERE) I thought the Arm Chair Travel series would be a great way for me to introduce you to some enjoyable travel posts I found during the previous weeks link up.  The Arm Chair Travel series is where I share with you, my favourite travel blog posts I have recently read.

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Grab a cuppa (or wine 😉 ), sit back in your arm-chair, and join me as I show you what I discovered in the world of travel on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

my favourite south east asian countries for a family holiday

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We love South East Asia for family holidays; it is only a few hours flight from our home here in Perth, Western Australia.  The prices are reasonable if not excellent for value for money and the local people are so friendly.  Lets’ see what others thought of three of our favourite South East Asian countries.

Holidays and Hellidays and the Journey Inbetween visited an exquisite looking resort on a small Thai island called Yao Noi – it offered a great base to do some snorkelling and boating.

Six Senses Yao Noi (in pictures)

While Tracey’s Travels in Time asked fellow bloggers to share their favourite parts of Malaysia one of our fav’s Penang was included in the list.

Top 6 places to visit in Malaysia

Finally, Adventurous Trails looked at where you should and shouldn’t stay in Bali – with a timely reminder – do your homework when booking accommodation.

Where to Stay and Where Not to Stay in Bali

I wonder what we’ll find in this weeks #TheWeeklyPostcard?

Toddlers on Tour

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