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Whilst surfing around Pinterest I have found some examples of airline child meals to give you a glimpse of what to expect.

Now I’ve mentioned to you before in the Flying with Kids Tip Pages, that it is a good idea to pre-order a child meal for your kid when making your booking, or at least do this a couple of days before flying out – when you make your confirmation call. I have to say I like to make this call because the airlines usually get a few more details from you than the travel agent has forwarded eg. mobile numbers for SMS flight updates and accommodation details.  It’s up to you it is not essential but I like to do it. Anyway back to the airline child’s meal. Now remember that whilst you have ordered this meal for your child, there is no guarantee that your kids will like the meal.  So I always suggest adding your own snacks into your hand luggage. So let’s have a look at what you can expect.

5 Types of Airline Child Meals on Pinterest.

1. Business class choice

Now we would all like to fly business class for the room and the service. On Singapore Airlines they extend that service through to a choice of kids meals.

Pinterest Source Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

2. Think about the airline’s country origins

If you’re flying a foreign carrier what they serve children could be very different to what you would serve your kids at home.

ailine child meal on asiana air

What’s that Mum?

Pinterest Source

3. Novelty airlines

Whilst some airlines are starting to put restrictions on where they seat families with young children others are embracing the family travel market.  Eva Air has introduced 3 aircraft with a “Hello Kitty” theme.

Hello Kitty meal on Eva Air

Hello Kitty

Pinterest Source

4. Special child meal extras

Other airlines will give your kids extras like activity packs and on Thai Airways when you fly out of Thailand your kids will receive an additional snack box before take off, plus their child’s meal during service – perhaps you won’t have to pack those snacks after all.

Thai airways child snack box

Yummy snacks

Pinterest Source

5. Baby meal

If you have a baby you can also order a baby meal when you make your booking, but bare in mind this could be all that you get.  Best if you pack your own supplies.

baby meals on flights

Is that it?

Pinterest Source

Final Note on Pinterest

Have you enjoyed looking at these pictures? You can check out the rest of the airline meals on this Pinterest group board of Airline Food. If you have a picture in a post about airline food or any other travel with kids pics that you would like us to add to Pinterest leave a copy of the link in the comments. Follow us on Pinterest to join our discovery of all the great family travel photos we find.

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