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My flight review of Singapore Airlines travelling from Perth to Singapore return on flights SQ224 and SQ215.  We had onward connections with Silk Air on SQ5350 and SQ5349 to Penang.


On our recent holiday to Penang we flew Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines has been flying since 1947 when it was then known as Malayan Airways Limited.  It wasn’t until 1972 when the growing airline split into 2 separate companies that it became known as Singapore Airlines (the other Malaysian Airline System).  The airline has continued to grow and expand introducing: new routes, ground services, a subsidiary regional airline now known as Silk Air, the Kris Flyer frequent flyer program, a choice of meals and drinks, on demand in-flight entertainment systems, and flat seat beds in first and business class.

Singapore Airlines has always been one of my preferred airlines and again it proved why – well almost.

singapore airlines review

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Booking with Singapore Airlines

During June Singapore Airlines had a sale on and this prompted us to book our holiday.  We saved at least $1000 by booking our tickets during their sale.  However we did have to alter our travel dates by a couple of days to get the cheap flights but well worth it I think.

The other reasons we chose to book with Singapore Airlines was the flight times.  We like to fly during the day and preferably arrive at check-in time for the resort and be able to check out at 12 noon.  With 3 flights a day from Perth we were able to find a schedule that fit perfectly to our needs.

I made my booking with a travel agent who charged the same amount as the online booking system with Singapore Airlines.  I had my official e-tickets mailed out to me within 10 days – very efficient.

A week before our departure I contacted the Singapore Airlines reservation centre.  I asked that a child’s meal be added to my son’s booking.  They also added all our additional contact details and accommodation details to our booking.  Very friendly and helpful service by Harry.

Check-in with Singapore Airlines

Two days before flying I received an email advising I could check in.

Singapore Airlines flight review online checkin

This didn’t flow as easily as I expected it would.  I had to check Steve and I in separately and then I discovered that children could not be checked in online.

At that point I was a little worried about the seating.

As it turned out there was nothing to worry about.  Singapore Airlines were very efficient on all our flights (including the Silk Air flights) and had pre-allocated the seating ensuring we were all seated together, even giving us an extra seat on the flight to Singapore that was not full.  As far as I can tell they had taken a bit of time ensuring that people were all seated as best as possible.

On the return flights I didn’t use the online system, a very friendly and helpful girl checked us in at Penang airport.

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The Flight with Singapore Airlines

We like to board last – the less time on board the flight the better particularly as were flying economy class.  Yet we still found plenty of room to put our hand-carry luggage in the over head lockers.

The crew welcomed us and handed out head phones and confirmed that Lewis had ordered a child’s meal placing a sticker at the top of his seat (I assume making it easy for the crew to identify where all the special meals are to be delivered).  The system appears to work.

One thing I have previously noticed on other airlines and Singapore was no different, is what you received for children depending on whether you are on the flight to or from the home port.  Flying to Singapore Lewis was not offered any activity pack, yet on the flight from Singapore he was given child headphones and a small activity.

singapore airlines flight review:kids pack

singapore airlines flight review : child meal

Apart from that the flights were almost identical with the type of meal being offered the only difference.  We had breakfast on the way up to Singapore and dinner on the way back.  The only down side was not enough portions of breakfast eggs (the other choice noddle stir fry) by the time they reached me (half way in the cabin) they had run out of eggs.  I wasn’t pleased.  However as I am wheat intolerant they found a spare child’s meal, then advised me that I should have ordered a special dietary meal (when I have done this previously I just ended up with a fruit plate – which also upsets my stomach).  I usually find as long as there is a choice I get by just fine – unless they run out of the meal 🙁

The food was quite nice.

Singapore Airlines flight review: economy meal

Our flights went fairly smoothly with Steve and I enjoy the choice of over 80 on demand movies.

Poor Lewis was looking forward to the family movies but he really suffers from motion sickness.  This time we tried motion sickness tablets for children and the pressure bands – neither worked.  Sadly none of the crew appeared to notice nor was they helpful when I asked for a bin to place the offending bag.

The crew on the flight to Singapore were much more efficient ensuring everyone had plenty to drink for the entire flight.  Whilst the crew on the return flight had to be prompted into action by passengers calling for drinks of water.

Ultimately though the flights were very pleasant, Singapore Airlines still rates as my preferred airline.  We were comfortable, I was able to stretch my feet out onto the foot rest, Lewis slept most of the flights and Steve loved watching the movies.

5 hours flew by 😉

You can find more links and stories here about our holiday at Penang with Kids 2014: all the Travel Stories and what we thought of transiting with a child at Changi Ariport.

Singapore airlines review

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Have you flown Singapore Airlines?

What did you think?

Which is your preferred airline?

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8 thoughts on “My Singapore Airlines Flight Review

  • Valent Lau

    As you can see I’m researching flying with kids. The last time on Singapore we didn’t have DS, and we also got on the A380 for the first time. I remember how spacious it felt, and also the fact we could pick seats online and actually got them. That was many years ago now…

  • Sarah

    We just returned from a long trip Melbourne to Paris with Singapore airlines, with our 9 month old. I’d say that overall (always a few exceptions of course), they do well with caring for passengers with babies. Lots of smiles, care and offering to bring food at a convenient time, which was very kind given I had to hold my baby most of the time. Long flights with a baby are a big challenge! I don’t think i will be up to it for quite a while after this!!

  • Ing Lim

    Thank you! This information helped me made my decision to order child meal for my 2 y.o. We are flying 30 hours from Houston to Jakarta transitting Manchester and Singapore, with a 2.5 y.o and his 6 m.o baby brother. Wish us luck!